A-3000-I, Vintage Audio Testing 2013

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David2013-02-17 06:52

Hey guys just tested a rebuilt A3000i Cerwin Vega Power Amp cost to rebuild $437.66 this covers parts and labor with a 2 year warranty my tech is a licensed certified Cerwin Vega power Amp technician if you need a good one and can't do the job yourself here is a contact name of the tech Tom Machonies Audio Repair serivce out of Augusta Georgia Meadowbrook road just put this in the Google search engine to get more info. And now for the test this comparison test will be on playing an amp at the maximum output volume over a long time frame first up will be the QSC 1400 vintage power amp we played this amp for 14 hours the internal
Fan never stopped it still got very hot then the clipping started it sounded great but fail after a long play time the we played the CV a3000i non stop for 24 hours yes we put a external fan on the vent and had it on at max output and after the 24 hours was completed the amp never clipped overload lights never came on and it just got louder and louder with the best sound I ever experienced so thats our Amp test if you get your hands on any of the old Cerwin Vega power Amps test the sound for your self you will find there are many power amps but only the best build will survive the 40 to 50 year test the winner will be CERWIN VEGA VINTAGE POWER AMPLIFIERS EVERY TIME.


David2013-02-17 07:15

There are many DJ clubs would wide and many audio Amplifies we needed to look inside one of the big boys from the vintage Amp days of Cerwin Vega we opened one A3000i power Amp and found 14 output transistors two beer can size filter and a 40 pound transformer 2 small input boards and some capacitors so what makes this Amp sound so good well it"s the internal psrts the old type of output transistors makes the reproduction of sound life like the sound quality coming from these units are
fantastic this is what the vintage Vegas had that the other Amps did not the thing is made well and bullet proof.

David2013-02-17 07:41

As you can see most of my posts are coming from an Android which is causing me to have many typos I will try and do better and recheck the list before posting it sorry.

Tonyc2013-02-17 08:13

I have a 2200 CV amp it's old and has a hum in the right channel after it warms up it goes away it comes right back if I turn it off and turn it right back on again any help would be appreciated.

James2013-02-18 15:08

I have a CV vintage 2200 the right channel gets very hot the left is cool even with out an input line hooked up please post a answer if you can help.

Davidleecoles2013-02-23 06:33

Well guys we're back again with another power amplifier comparison test we got a hands-on a vintage power amplifiers 1 is the pioneer spec two power amplifier the other is a crown vintage 150 power amplifier both will be tested against the Cerwin Vega A-1800 power amp up first will be the Pioneer spec two power amp we played this Amp at high volume for 8 hours it sounded very good but it got so hot it blew the fuse and we had to stop also we smelled something burning so we replaced the spec with the Crown 150 and we started this test but it was a short test the crown after just 4 hours shut down and never returnef we opened the amp and found the two mini output boards burned up smoke was every where this was sad indeed crown was a good amp but as time goes on it could not. So now the A-1800 CV vintage Amp we played Bob Marley at very high volume the bass was fantastic and after 15 hours we had to go to bed and sleep the Cerwin Vega out lasted me and my best freind and just like the energizer bunny it kept going and going and going and never stopped playing there was no clipping or blowing any fuse it was grest and the power you could feel in your chest well the winner is Cerwin Vega vintage power Amps again the best simply the best power amps ever made in the world USA vintage Cerwin Vega power Amps after 45 years they are still here.

Herbert West2013-02-23 07:59

Let me first say the vintage Marantz power amplifiers have excellent quality and sound I would compare this to any Cerwin Vega vintage amplifier I have had this Amp for over 22 years now and it still sounds great Cerwin Vega was not the only company that made high quality power amplifiers Marantz was one of the best power amplifiers made in the USA it had both high quality sound good separation and a lot of bass the smaller amplifiers which only put out 75 watts per channel sounded just as good you really couldn't tell they were only 75 watts so I would say there are many vintage good quality amplifiers other than Vega out on the market today I think Marantz was one of the better ones it definitely has a better resale value then the Cerwin Vega power amps

Herbert West2013-02-23 10:02

The answer to your question is yes Marantz was a very good power amplifier but its components could not hold up to the test of time behind the great performance of the Vega vintage power amplifiers are the components that are built inside of them they were of high quality and lasted very long and stood up to the test of time most of the components inside the vintage CV power Amplifiers are identical they just use more parts like the 3000I this amp has 1hi4 output transistors per channel the A-1800 and A-2200 had 10 per channel but they are the same parts in all the output lines of each amp in so doing they made the amplifier more durable and lasted longer filter capacitors dry up in time and must be replaced that is the only thing I find that needs some attention after 30 or 40 years. Broken soider joints and the filter capacitors it's very rare that and output transistor would go bad unless something internal has caused it like 1 of 2 of the above things I have already mentioned after the replacement of these noted items you will find that you'll have 30 or 40 more years with a vintage power amplifier to sum it up many may have quality a quality amplifier that sounds good but will it take the test of time will it hold up over the constant stress of playing at high volume

David Lee Coles2013-02-27 05:50

Good news we found some GE mini ligths that will replace the lights in the A3000I CV power Amp the clip lights are the last thing in the completions of the rebuilding of this Amp we are all done now parts and labor total a little over $400 but for an Amp like this thats nothing we should get 35 to 40 more years out of her. Now for the test we will put 2 Cerwin Vega vintage folding horns 18 inch and test the Amp at full volume out put to the pre amplifier then we will play Bob Marley on a LP and test the endurance of the Amplifier so here we go the bass was great the highs great the total sound was fantastic so now we see the Amp getting hot so we put a 10inch house fan on the top vent she cooled down fast and played great the Amp was on for 24 hours and when we stopped the party it was still playing until we returned the next day so I can say now she is back just like new again now I am going to change out the filter capacitors in my A-1800 they are also 35 years old or more I have a repair tech that has access to the parts his name and number is listed in this forum after the upgrade I will have two restored Cerwin Vega power Amps from the seventy's that will be in brand new condition and ready to rock steady the vintage Vega Amps are the best in the world for now and for ever more.

David Lee Coles2013-02-27 06:12

(706)793-1099 TOM CERWIN VEGA VINTAGE POWER AMP REPAIR technician he has a very fast turnaround rate on power amp repairs he is in Augusta Georgia on Meddowbrook road he has had four of my vintage Vega Amps and has restore them fairly cheap in like new condition I posted his name only on this forum before but here is the updated info I have received many emails asking me to post his phone number so here it is he can get most of the parts for these vintage Vega power amplifiers if you need them you can also ship your power amplifier to him for the repair of your vintage Cerwin Vega power Amp.

David Lee Coles2013-02-27 08:14

Today we will have a comparison test with the BA 5000 Sansui vintage power amplifier and the Cerwin Vega A-2200 Power Amp. Up first the 5000 we played this amp for 8 long hours at max volume and it played great the only thing was it got very hot and distorted after 4 hours it would seem the 5000 under stress loses its output of maximum wattage and create distortion while tring to maintain it but this Japanese made vintage amplifier tested very well nothing blew clipped or burnt up during this test. Now for the vintage Vega A-2200 we played this rebuilt vintage power amplifier for 10 hours straight under high volume it had great sound with power to spare no distortion was noticed during the play of this power amplifier and under stress this power amplifier produces more Watts to maintain the volume played so we now know that the vintage Cerwin Vega power amps under stress at high volume plays better and maintained the power needed while under maximum stress we received lots of power clear sound heavy bass crisp highs we have found that this was caused by the Great components that are inside the vintage Vega amplifiers quality transistors and parts make this amp number one the list of great power amps.

David Lee Coles2013-02-27 08:19

Today we will have a comparison test with the BA 5000 Sansui vintage power amplifier and the Cerwin Vega A-2200 Power Amp. Up first the 5000 we played this amp for 8 long hours at max volume and it played great the only thing was it got very hot and distorted after 4 hours it would seem the 5000 under stress loses its output of maximum wattage and create distortion while tring to maintain it but this Japanese made vintage amplifier tested very well nothing blew clipped or burnt up during this test. Now for the vintage Vega A-2200 we played this rebuilt vintage power amplifier for 10 hours straight under high volume it had great sound with power to spare no distortion was noticed during the play of this power amplifier and under stress this power amplifier produces more Watts to maintain the volume played so we now know that the vintage Cerwin Vega power amps under stress at high volume plays better and maintained the power needed while under maximum stress we received lots of power clear sound heavy bass crisp highs we have found that this was caused by the Great components that are inside the vintage Vega amplifiers quality transistors and parts make this amp number one on the list of great power amps.

Harriet Cc2013-03-01 07:47

This is why I love the vintage cerwin vega audio the sound is clean and clear the bass tone is powerful and my tweeters that are on my cv cmk210 speakers are mind blowing we have a vintage a-3000i the front is white not black like the others I have seen this amp was in the family for over 29 years and my father gave it to me now here is my problem we have a pop when we turn the amp on and it is a loud pop but after we turn it on all is good but the pop concerns me any help would be great I love this thing and would like to keep it for many more years.
please post your response here I will read it later thanks.

Audio Johnny 2013-03-01 10:38

You just need some tuner cleaner you can pick some up at Radio Shack then power down the Amp and spary some into the power on switch.

Davidleecoles2013-03-02 06:49

Well tonight we will be doing a comparison test between the Marantz DC 170 power amplifier 108 wpc and the Cerwin Vega A2200i power amp the CV at 200wpc first up is the 170DC Marantz well we have some clean sound and very deep bass sounds very impressive we fall into the same problem that many other vintage power amps have overheating then clipping but this amp did more than clip off it blew both fuses left and right so we replaced the fuses and put a fan on top and then started the test again it went well at high volume for 23 minutes then it blew the same fuses not clipping this time vintage Alice Cooper was to much for this amp and it is now dead I think the parts are very old and not well made when stress was applied the end came fast...

Now for the A-2200 Cerwin-Vega please keep in mind that we are using JBL 1500 speakers and they are in very excellent condition
we will now play Alice Cooper at high volume we place a small 10 inch fan on top of the ventilation of the amp and we played for hours and hours and it just keeps playing and playing 6 hours later we stopped the test we found the amp working under great stress excellently with no flaws whatsoever again this is due to the excellent parts inside the Amplifier well made and bullet proof outstanding quality even after 35 to 45 year later and still working great when it's all said and done Cerwin Vega vintage power amps are the best quality amplifiers ever made in the United States.

Davidleecoles2013-03-03 11:38

Well guys here we go again with another power amplifier comparison test we have something fancy this time a mitsubishi model number DAA10 DC power amp it looks great not much to it a couple of power transformers and a couple of filter capacitors we will compare this app to the Cerwin Vega A-600 professional vintage power amplifier this amp has a vintage internal fan inside its. case we will use cv 36b 18 inch earthquake subwoofers we will not test the mitsubishi DA 10DC amp we will start by playing the vintage CD of Black Sabbath this will be at high volume will be testing the indoorance of the power amp under great stress so here we go we get very good sound from the DA10 replaced a 3 speed house fan neer the amp to keep it cool 6 hours and still with us now we will start using albums from the Bob Marley era these albums contain a lot of bass and will stress the amp to its maximum capacity here we go and s 2 more hours and she is still here it's just now starting to distort even with the fan on top but it did not blow a fuse or burn up this is good and one of the first amps to hold out. Now the CV 600 well like all the vintage vega amps we have raw power tremendous bass its earth shaking and I just can not take it no more I feel it in my cheast and it is kicking this must be played out side inside the walls and ceiling are starting to crack man well you be the judge one past the test but Vega definitely gives you the power you need for the punch you require.

Davidleecoles2013-03-06 05:11

We tested a new digital power amplifier GLI 9000 this amplifier has Twins fans in the back we are using a vintage Cerwin Vega pre amp and the CV- A-3000i vintage power amp we will be testing sound quality and stress on both amps to there maximum capacity we will start with the GLI power amp first. Playing the LP of the vintage rock band KISS God of Thunder well after 12 minutes The GLI has blown out we have smoke and have to stop the test.

Davidleecoles2013-03-06 06:35

We have found 6 output transistors fried the noted transistors are mounted on the heat sinks that have two fans blowing on them at this time I think we are getting back to china made garbage parts
this is why we should repair old and not buy new this amp is garbage out of the box the vintage Cerwin Vega has power amplifiers have given clubs and rock bands and DJ's 40 years of power performance and I think this is the proof that old is better than new vintage Cerwin Vega made to last and made to out perform any other power amp out there get ont and test for your self...

Davidleecoles2013-03-06 08:03

We tested a new digital power amplifier GLI 9000 this amplifier has Twins fans in the back we are using a vintage Cerwin Vega pre amp and the CV- A-3000i vintage power amp we will be testing sound quality and stress on both amps to there maximum capacity we will start with the GLI power amp first. Playing the LP of the vintage rock band KISS God of Thunder well after 12 minutes The GLI has blown out we have smoke and have to stop the test.

Davidleecoles2013-03-06 08:37

we are getting emails that there may be something wrong with our equipment that it's blowing out these power amplifiers let me be blunt in saying that we are using one preamplifier and two Cerwin-Vegas folding horns 1 CD player in 1 record player these items are basic and are used in the testing of the performance of basic amplifiers when a amp is played at high stress it tends to fail if the parts inside a not adequate stress on the transistors and internal parts is when you play an Amplifier at very high volume causing it to heat up and to stress the parts inside this will cause an immediate failure of those parts inside if the parts are not adequate to handle the stress placed upon them we are here just testing low grade amps and there low grade parts inside them and we compare this to the vintage models of Vega amplifiers which are high grade parts we turn them up to full output volume and wait as they play they will either sounds better and complete the test or distort and fail the test distortion comes from an amplifier that is trying to maintain the watt output that is being demanded of it. You will find with all the vintage Vega power amplifiers can do this job excellently with no flaws whatsoever the design is to increase power with no distortion this takes quality parts and quality manufacturing all those parts this was the great days of the United States of America te vintage audio from Vega now we have nothing here anymore all the great names of audio don't exist anymore or sold out to China to be made fairly cheap and most of the time sacrificing sound and quality and performance millions of people rather have vintage audio than this new audio that's on the market can you compare a new Apple fire that will last 2 years with a vintage 1 that will last 40 I do not think there is any comparison here Cerwin Vega is the very best vintage audio in the world to and forever.

Jeffrey Bellamy2013-03-06 08:56

I think all of us can say that things were made better in the old days people care about perfection not cost they made things to last out of perfection money was not so much of a factor then as it is now we would buy the best parts to manufacture our power amplifiers and we still have those power amplifiers 40 years later there are many vintage names out there today in the power amplifier world still here and many times forgot the new digital amplifiers and toys of the world but lets us not forget the sound quality of all the vintage receivers Amplifiers the sound was unique excellent separation can always had an adequate amount of power for performance and I believe that Cerwin Vega had a good hand in this I also feel like these amps are all great and will be misted lets remember good sound and keep it alive.

Davidleecoles2013-03-09 06:29

Well guys we have another comparison test this time with a sherwood vintage power amplifier it looks like a tube Amp but it has transistors inside and is totally solid state we will compare this Amp to the Vega a 2200 vintage Amp we also have two 18 inch Vega folding horns we will be using. We will also be playing vintage Bob Marley albums for maximum sound and bass output performance quality this should test any amplifier to its limits with these albums WOW! now for the test sherwood up first good sound coming out good bass now lets crank it up to the maximum output level the sound seems to be fading in and out the amp is warm not hot at all it would seem the Amp when stress has been applied reduces it's on volume to protect its components and circuits nothing has blown or clipped but in a crowded room or party would you really want the sound to go down or go up the sherwood volume output has redused to about half from our start time to just 3 hours later.
Well now for the Cerwin Vega we will be using the exact same songs that we played on the previous amp here we go we have much more bass more thump you fell in your cheast the bass is mind blowing you should be here to hear it well 8 hours and the sound volume goes up not down it seems that the CV adds watts as it plays the sound and power increase greatly as the amp starts to warm up well thats it Cerwin Vega wins again thanks for your time until next time keep the CV vintage power amps alive.

Davidleecoles2013-03-09 08:49

Wow! we found a vintage Dynaco model 120 power Amplifier and its from 1970 + it is in fair shape and we will test it to the Cerwin-Vega A-3000I also from that era.
We test amplifiers to see if they can stand up to the Cerwin-Vegas vintage power and I must say it has been hard finding one to compare it to.
Well here we go first up is the vintage Dynaco 120 power amp it looks very old almost like a tube amp as we play snoop dogs rap LP we have good sound it is a clear sweet sounding amp so lets crank it up to the maximum output this thing can pump out some sound well the test goes on for 6 hours and it still is working so we stop.
This will be the first amp to hold up after 6 long hours of play time at high volume we know that the Cerwin-Vega will do the samething but here we go anyway the test will be for 6 hours of play time we now have good sound and clear bass and very good highs I like the sound of the CV over the Dynaco plus the CV has mush more power and bass that is out standing over the other older power amps well the test is over and we like the Vega over the Dynaco but the Dynaco did stay alive in this test lets see later if it continue to do so.....

Davidleecoles2013-03-11 22:49

Well today we will test the vintage DYNACO 120 power amp this time we will play empty-streets by Night Alumni and mix it at full volume testing the amp at full output power to see if it holds up to Cerwin Vegas pure power well here go lets rock we are now pounding hard and she is still with us.
We turn the bass on the preamp to maximum and push the mixer to full output we are now moving walls and she is still here the last thing to do is to turn the EQ preamp to the max and see if she holds up man she is distorting like mad really bad soon we will see now we leave the room and close the door my ears are killing me but 2 hours later while playing the real to real it is still on.
Well we have big time distortion but it is still will us we now have an amp that did not blow it gave us noise at max output but the Vega vintage power amps sound great at full power with no noise at all but we must give respect to the first power amp not to blow when pushed over the limit.
We know that this amp is not as powerful as any Vega but it is good to know there is another amp that is made well I think it is a USA made amp also but not sure we need to check the info on this one....Well until next time KEEP THE VINTAGE CERWIN VEGA POWER AMPS AND SPEAKERS ALIVE.......

David2013-03-12 16:07

We just received a QSC 1800 w power amp we will test this amp to see if it can hold out under full output volume as the CV vintage power amp can we got this one from ebay $659 bid winner but it came with a 220 volt cord so this amp is not in US voltage it will have to go back the seller never stated this in the description. We will try and get a US ready 120 volt 1800w QSC amp and repost the status.

Davidleecoles2013-03-15 05:19

Hey guys while we wait for a replacement of the QSC we will have a Cerwin Vega power Amp comparison test between a CV Metron-M200 and the vintage A-1800 power amplifiers please note that the Metron is considered a home amplifier and the 1800 can be used for professional and home use first up is the Metron we are playing Oceanlab sirens of the sea cd lets just say we have a good sound here everything is clear and sharp with good highs and bass 0 distortion level we now turn it up to full and she puts out great and handles the stress well. We will keep the volume at full for 6 hours to see if she maintains the same good clear sound under long term stress.
Well we are back and she is still with us kicking bass and highs. Now for the 1800 the highs are not as good as the Metron but we have much more earth shaking bass and a flat sound this is good for PA systems with live performances you will need a EQ to get more highs out of her. Over all we see the Metron to be more of a low watt home Amp and the 1800 more a professional Amp the 1800 has much more kick and power than the Metron you will need a stereo equalizer for better clarity with the 1800 but both Amps sound great and we think they both have excellent stereo separation.

Davidleecoles2013-03-19 18:00

Here in is the Qvc 1800w power amp we will be testing it at full volume to see if it holds up to the vintage Cerwin Vega power amps . We will be playing the Saturday night live disco LP here we go.......there is great bass and the highs are also good we are knocking walls down with sound now we are starting to seevthe clip lights and they are staying on now we are getting some noise out of the left channel sounds like a cracking noise and it is getting bad we still have the clip lights locked on but the amp is still playing the left channel is out the right is still playing we push the reset on the amps safety control but the left channel is still out. We turn the amp off and back on but still no left channel it looks like it has blown. Now for the Cerwin Vega vintage A-2200 Amplifier we used the same LP and played it at full output volume for 8 hours and she is still going stronge well CV wins gain........

Davidleecoles2013-03-19 21:44

Update we open the QSC 1800w we found 4 left channel output transistors burnt up also 2 mini capacitors on the left channels board 1 diode burnt and popped open this is sad indeed QSC was a good amp let's just say the improvements and modifications of the new Amplifiers are not better but are made cheaper with cheaper quality parts the 1400 QSC never blew it just had some distorted after being stressed for a long time frame. We see that the internal parts of these new amps are inferior to the vintage amps the parts and quality of the vintage Cerwin Vega tremendously hi in quality and dependability. Keep your old amp repair and do not replace we have found time and time again new is not better.

Harrietcc2013-03-20 17:27

I am thinking you guys are blowing these Amplifiers to make CV stand out and look good I have a old Fisher power Amp it has been with my family over 28 years and we never had a problem with it we used it at parties and other gatherings outdoors with many different types of speakers and it still works great so I have to disagree with many of your findings.
I believe there are many other types of vintage power amplifiers just as good as CV or even better.

Davidleecoles2013-03-21 04:32

Rebuttal to the above statement from Harriet we never stated that Cerwin Vega was the only amp that is made well we know there are many good vintage amps out there but are they bullet proof can they hold up under extreme conditions. When you put a high demand of stress on the internal components and the unit still sounds good with no distortion after many hours of play time then you can say you have a great vintage amp.. Cerwin Vega has many vintage amps and all of them are built the same way with long lasting great quality internal components that will last a lifetime. We just buy old vintage amps from ebay and test the quality of the amplifier and compare it to Cerwin Vegas vintage units time after time the Vega amps never fail they sound better with more power and absolutely no distortion when compared to
other vintage amplifiers.

Comparison Testing Of Vintage Power Amplifiers2013-03-21 04:52

The testing of vintage amplifiers to see if they can hold up to all other vintage amplifiers is great information when choosing to purchase a vintage power amplifier or receiver or if you just need to repair a old amp that worked great for you but time took its toll on the internal parts.
Information is always a plus and I think vintage audii testing is a good
How can we know that we are getting a good vintage system when buying from the internet we have no way of knowing but now we can read this forum and have a good direction to go on.
When purchasing a vintage unit it is very important to have information about the product prior to purchasing it this is why testing is important.

Davidleecoles2013-03-23 07:09

Today we will test the 4 ohm load of A-3300i I will be using 4-( 18 inch Cerwin Vega folding horns at 8 ohms each 2 boxes on each channel bring them down to 4 ohms we will use a Vega preamp and a vintage equalizer.
The test will be how hard can we crank this amp up and for how long we will be checking for power output and distortion levels and to see if the vintage parts inside hold up to the stress.
We never used for folding horns before on this amp least of all 18 inches woofers I like Led Zeppelin we will use this vintage rock band for the test starting with the LP Led Zeppelin 1 please note we are outside in the backyard for this test inside would have caused damage to the foundation of the house.
And here we go cranking it up to full volume the vu meters are close to the red the clip lights are doing a dance we will hold it at full output volume for as long as we can.
It sounds like a live rock concert and many visitors are stopping by so we have a party now at 8 hours later it's getting late and we have to stop we cranked this amp to its full volume and held it that way for a full 8 hours and this thing just keeps on going almost 38 years old we have outstanding sound with state of the art craftsmanship Cerwin-Vega vitage power Amplifiers are indeed Monsters and are very reliable this amp still had more power on standby for this test I don't think we could ever push this amplifier into clip mode we may blow out all of our speakers before that happens when push to the max this amp has what it takes for any occasion.

David Coles2013-04-27 18:33

Well we just pushed the out power of a 40 year old Cerwin Vega A3000i power amp I put 8.... 18-inch Vega folding horns wired them to 4 ohms the back to 8 ohms just like a set of 4 guitar speakers that are in one box.Then we had a out door jam the red lights stayed on vu meters at 80% almost in the red we held it for 7 hours and it never got hot due to the duel fans on top I never took it that high with so many speakers on it before and it just keeps on kicking.
All fuses intact we pushed the hell out of 375watts per channel and the sound was as a live band was rocking well you have it now this is a great power amp.

Tom Mchonies Cerwin Vega Amp Repair (706)-793-10992013-05-04 07:34

CERWIN VEGA vintage power amp Master Repair tech out of Augusta GA here is his number he has a fast turn arround ((((706-793-1099)))))

Harriet Koler2015-12-08 18:56

I have some great news I just got an A 3000i cerwin vega power amp it is dated June 1975 this thing is very very heavy the only the had to be changed was the large beer cans in front of the amp these things are called filter caps 1300frd each hard to find but got got lucky find the place in Canada that still makes them we upgraded to 1300 to 1800 the AMp accepted it with now playing 14 15inch cerwin vega ass kickers with no effort whatsoever I feel like I'm in a concert hall with people playing live for me in my opinion all the Cerwin vega
Power amps are built to last forever and is the best amplifier ever made in the whole entire world 69 pounds of steel and 500 watts at 8-oms per channel make this thing an awesome accent to anyones home power sound excellent and superb separation and clarity nothing new its feels like this and nothing will ever be built like the vintage Cerwin Vega
power amplifiers 1972 to 1980 the king of sound still is Cerwin Vega.

Patrick Filzame2015-12-08 19:11

The sure power amp was also used for the movie earthquake in Cenceron and the Poseidon Adventure in many US theaters but at high heat they blew up like dynamite sticks so they had to keep the sound down in many of these movie theaters to keep this from happening to the power amp this took away from the feeling of the movies.
So now Cerwin Vega made his own amplifires to push the monster speakers that he made and the are the A1800i and the big brother the A3000i both amps were built to last life times and could take the abuse of anything you put out there most of the time the speakers would blow before the power amp showing you the authoritie of the Cerwin Vega circuitry.We will never forget Cerwin vega.1970 to 1980

Mark Williams Jr2015-12-10 10:48

I have been looking all over for a Cerwin Vega vintage power Amp system no luck on ebay just the new word chinese-made garbage I need one of the US made California ones I have heard a lot about these vintage power amplifiers and I am simply flabbergasted I will pay big bucks for one that works people are just in the dark about such great audio as the vintage Vega power Amps.
A-3000i and the A 1800i or the 2200 or the huge 400A all of them produce exquisite sound and tremendous power.
I will keep looking hope to get one soon also thanks for the repair person named Tom that will repair any Cerwin Vega vintage Amp email me if you know some one that is crazy enough to part with one of these beauties thanks for the audio update...

Mikef2016-07-26 21:30

Maybe I can help you guys who like Vintage CV.

I want these go to to someone who will Truly Appreciate this Solid Quality, California U.S.A. 1970's manufactured sound system. Like you guys who are praising it here.

If it is allowed here I offer for sale:
Vintage Hardly Used Cerwin Vega A-3000I built to last forever Amp. for sale
Vintage Hardly Used Cerwin Vega V-35 Speakers also built to last forever for sale

In other words; You would have to come get them here and pay me in person. Only way I can do this.

I bought both of these in 1976 and they were only used at 3 mobile DJ events at local schools in the Allentown PA area, then I began working in a night club in Boston (where I went to college) and my system was covered and stored in the extra bedroom where no Sunlight ever got on them, and the temperature and humidity were kept normal.

All items are in perfect working condition (just tried them) and look and work like new even though they are 40 years old. (One small cigarette burn on top of 1 speaker but otherwise like new.) Can send new current pics.

I would keep them but I won't have room for them in my new apartment, and obviously would not be allowed to really use them there, so I'm hoping someone who truly appreciates the good quality Cerwin Vega will get it.



Franksmith2016-08-16 03:17


Mary Willis2017-05-24 19:20

I have a vintage CV a3000i rebelt and it sound bad but every thing checks out ok.
Did the CV a3000I power amps have a different sound then all the other models made it just sounds distorted.
Can some one help me with this one thanks....

David Lee Jr2017-05-24 19:28

Mary it sounds like you pots are not the correct ones for that amp please check them if they have been replaced if so then they must be the same as the old ones I think the are 1300mf at 100v.
I incorrect filters caps will under power the amp.

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