PP-2, ***NAD PP2 FIX....(low input power = Low Out put powe)r***

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Steve Sansom2011-01-13 02:42

I bought this product initially because my amp didn't have phono stage input.
So i used pp-2 between rega3 planar and Aux. input on my preamp the performance
was less than Stellar from get go! I couldn't figure out why i had to turn volume
dial way up to get Dynamic/pressence from my power Amp into my sound room.
I started digging and soon found out the PP series phono stages suffer from
being starved of input power. it appears the wrong sized wall plug adapters
were sent out from factory.
(the wallplug adapter only puts out .750 ma at 12 v dc., so i got 1.50 ma adapter
at 12 v dc. and GUESS WHAT this baby now works fine...better than ever!)
The fact is the pp Series phono Stage unit were under powered from factory w/
supplied power units, the wrong sized transformer was packed with every unit
making them put out much less than required input level of most amps on input stage.
DON'T throw out that PP phono stage, just get a wall adapter (step down transformer)
with a higher output and it will fix problem. (PS_pp's will not run hotter!!
no noticable side effects were noted during my tests)
it works fine Pushing higher Output which is between 3-5mv. at rca
din plugs going into your amplifier input stage.
try it you will be shocked!! trust me i spent a lot time figuring this out.
Happy Audio Listening Everyone Steve In Trenton, Canada


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