SCA-80-Q, Capacitor Upgrades

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Gerry Rogers2010-11-18 21:10

My long-owned factory-wired SCA-80-Q (and AF-6) recently needed some service and, after some on-line research, I decided to have the 'signal-circuit' caps replaced with equivalent (non-polarized) polypropylene types. An experienced, well-regarded service shop has discouraged me arguing that many of the caps are polarized units (the schematics confirm this) and therefore can only be replaced with similar units, ie (polarized) electrolytics.

Ignoring the question of whether upgraded caps do measurably improve audible performance, is my service tech's contention valid? Can I replace selected caps, polarized or not, with equivalent (unpolarized) units without jeapordizing the units' condition or performance?

If so, which caps should be replaced?

Any counsel will be sincerely appreciated.


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