KAS-2, Bias control in KAS-2

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Weichang Liu2010-10-13 01:33

The 4 LEDs of bias level indicator on one mono block of my KAS2 do not light. In an attempt to verify whether the bias control in this mono works normally,for several times I run the system very loudly for more than 3 hours. No distinquishable differences have been found between the 2 mono blocks either in the term of sound quality or in the term of the temperature on the top plate and heat sinks. So I think the trouble is due to something wrong with the indicator circuit rather than the Substianed Plateau bias control. If the bias control in this mono does fail to work meanwhile in the other mono works normally,the 2 monos would work in differnt classes ,maybe one in A and the other in AB or B class. In such case, 2 mono would sound different and their heat dissipation would also be different. It would be greatly appreciated if anyone makes comments on my opinion and help me to clarify the problem.

Weichang Liu


C Lee2011-01-21 14:39

If the (amp meter) light is not switched on, the bias monitoring circuit is not switch in.

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