D-1200, Overheating unit

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Steve Hardaker2010-06-08 22:31

I\'m using a Proton D1200 power amplifier with a Denon PRA1500 control unit and a pair of Vienna Acoustic floorstanders. The D1200 tends to get pretty hot after an hour, without being driven particularly hard. The whole hifi is situated in a TV cabinet, since there\'s no other space. Is it that the Proton just isn\'t designed to be situated in such a unit? Would a fan help?

Also the Denon control unit doesn\'t seem to be pushing the Proton particularly hard in terms of output, compared to the Yamaha C-6 I used before.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Jimmy2011-01-12 11:52

Steve......I too have the Proton D1200 power amp, 100 Pre-Amp and 440 tuner. The D1200 is noted for running hot...mine did the same thing after an hour or so of use. Try removing it from the cabinet and blowing a small fan into the top grills.

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