CA-871, Need Help Fixing Sound Problem

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Eric Volkar2010-03-31 00:23

I\'m not sure whats wrong with it one day sound just stopped coming out of one side completely, unless I plug one of the 2 cords from the broken side into the working side will i hear sound at all and even then it was only 1 channel of sound. I decided to open it up and look around inside and found that the 2 fuses on the rear vertically standing circuit board were totally fried the coils inside the fuses were melted on the glass. I looked around my house and found some 20 amp microwave oven fuses and popped em in and it seemed to work I could hear the 2 different speakers own sound but when I push the sound balance switch to the left the sound in the right speaker doesn\'t change at all but when I push it right Only that speaker makes sound but it\'s very fuzzy and poor. If anyone knows the solution to this problem I would be greatly appreciate it.


Larry Derouin2011-08-03 19:21

1st off take out those 20A fuses, unless you want a FIRE TO BURN DOWN YOUR HOUSE!

You've got a bad STK Module or emitter resistor on the dead side. Jumpering the bad side to the good side will put undo loads on the good STK to the point where you'll end up needing a PAIR!

Replace the bad STK Module AND the emitter resistor on that side. Install the CORRECT VOLTAGE AND AMPERAGE fuses. If these blow, DO NOT INSTALL A HIGHER AMPERAGE FUSE. Have it fixed.


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