IS-5021, power adp

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Eugene 2010-02-12 13:12

Hi. I recently purchasd the philips IS-5021 with no power adpter.Can you tell me the required adapter model number or specs.for a replacement adapter that will work with this processor.
Thanks Eugene


Eugene 2010-02-12 13:12

Hi Eugene,

By incident I read your question. The label on my adapter sais: Model no: SBC 5021/01. It has a Dutch plug however. If you need more information, just let me know.


Joe Kul 2012-12-24 16:46

i still am looking for info ,schematic,pin-outs with voltages etc for sbc-5021 power adapter-for philips IS-5021 --------(or preferably to buy an adapter sbc5021

Ian2013-05-04 19:28


I need one of these adapters. Do you know where I can get one? SBC5021


Joe Kul 2013-05-05 16:47

yes -- i still need one of those power supplies! but in the mean time -- if you can do a pin to pin of the voltages?---- i would really appreciate it

Andrew Riley2014-01-27 18:19

Hi I live in Canada and recently purchased a used ISP 5022 processor I also would like to get a PSU for my unit as it came without one THANKS my EMAIL address is word EMAIL is part of my email address also

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