SX-311-R, Amp fuse blows

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William Frank2009-11-21 17:59

It quit playing and I took the cover off and noticed a 4 amp fuse was blown. I replaced it with a 3.15 fuse and it blew it right away. I live in a small town and that was all I could find to try and fix it. Would a 4 amp fix it or is it trashed. I can hear a clicking when I plug it in and hit the on switch, but, no lights appear on the front.


Lance Stone2010-03-17 17:13

should never have used the small amp. That may have caused permanent damage to the system. My suggestion would be to find a place online. There are many place who carry parts and offer basic advice - specially to a problem like this. I do not have that model in my inventories, nor any parts at the moment. But if you search, I am sure you should find someone. Get another 4 amp fuse.

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