217-R, Forgot e mail

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Sunny2006-01-22 22:59

I am trying to find a service manual and schematic (reprint will do), or someone in my area that can do repairs to it. I live on the Georgia coast between Savannah Ga and Jax Fl


Walt2006-03-09 20:23

Sunny, I might still have a manual, came with my eBay purchase. Could email it if you provide an address.

Sunny2006-01-22 22:59

Forgot to include my email, I just happened to stumble to this website. qclabrat_1@yahoo.com

Gary2011-06-13 00:07

hello sunny an walt or anybody out there,i am a spectro acoustics enthusiast(collector)that could really use some copies models 101b,217,217r,202,210,500sr,2102,220r.is there anybody out there that would have any of these and be willing to share?it would be greatly appreciated.thanks,gary

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