QTA-790, What is the AFC button?

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Joanna Aguilar2007-04-09 11:32

I have two questions: What is the meaning of the AFC button, and what to do with the right microphone input? Thanks!


Joanna Aguilar2007-04-09 11:32

AFC is short for automatic frequency control,this circut gave FM tuners the ability to lock on to given frequency and make fine tuning adjustments automaticly to maintain the stongest possible signal. Tuners before this circut upgrade had a tendency drift in&out from objects causing interferance,this was a huge advancement in portables and car radios.I have not seen your model, mine is a QTA-770 4 channel receiver,yours must have a 8 track or cassette deck,or mic/guitar jack. Im going to guess that is a deck and has a left and right mic jack with a smaller jack hole next to the right, if so the smaller jack is for remote pause of the deck controlled by a switch on the microphone. I hope this info helps! montegoman74

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