STAV-3880, Volume control going wild

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Bob Sell2007-12-21 01:09

Turning the manual knob causes the volume to jump high and low; the remote volume +/- works fine. I tried to get your schematic so I could check it out but there are no links. Anyone have suggestions?


Bob Sell2007-12-21 01:09

I had the exact same problem. I was able to repair mine. The master volume rotary encoder was bad. I tried to order a new assembly from Radio Shack, but the unit is discontinued and they do not have parts for it any more. I unsoldered the encoder from the circuit board. It had an ALPS logo on it, but no part number. After researching it on ALPS\'s website, I determined that the best replacement was part number EC12E2430803. To get it direct from ALPS you need a minimum order of 950. I found a retailer on the internet, Mouser Electronics, that sells ALPS encoders but they did not carry that particular unit. I purchased one that was close, ALPS part number 688-EC12E2420801 for $1.47. Electrically it works fine but it was not the same physical size so I had to modify it to mechanically fit into the circuit board. The shaft is a little shorter than the original, so the knob didn\'t want to stay on very well. A little hot glue fixed that. Basically, the specs you need are a 12mm incremental encoder with a 25mm length insulated shaft and a resolution of 24 pulses. Try to get the same physical size so it fits into the circuit board properly. Good luck!

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