MPA, Circuit diagrams needed

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Chris Wilkins2004-04-16 01:19

I am looking for some information on an old Meridian amplifier (known as the MPA) which was a class AA amplifier with independant switch mode power supplies.

I have been in touch with Meridians technical department to find out what information they had, but they only had part of the information needed. However, they did send me all that they had, which was very kind of them, but the data is incomplete.

I therefor need circuit diagrams of the switch mode power supplies, and details of the pin connections for the integrated circuit which controls the SMPS. The chip is a Philips chip called a TEA1001, but the Philips web site can\'t help (too old for them:)

If you, or any of your contacts, have any information/circuit diagrams regarding the MPA, or any details of the TEA1001SP integrated circuit, I would be most grateful to receive it.

Any help you can give would be most appreciated. Yours sincerely, Chris Wilkins, Derby.


Jose Maria Gonzalez2011-09-06 15:29

Hi Chris.
I have two power amps Meridian MPA and sound very fine.
I need diagram for MPA to study upgrades.
Can you send me your information via e-mail?

If i get some information about TEA1001SP, I´ll send you.

Best regardds.

Jose Maria Gonzalez
Madrid (Spain)

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