556, Suitability for Final 0.3 electrostatics

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Hal Littlewood2004-03-08 10:20

I am looking to replace my amp for something that can drive Final 0.3 electrostatics. They drop to sub 2ohm and are a bit of a handful. Amps I\'m looking at are the Meridian 556, McIntosh MC701 or Electrocompaniet AW100DM. Any cooments re the suitability of these amps would be appreciated, music tastes are eclectic but not oriented towards rock, I\'m more Cliff Richard than Maralyn Manson to put it mildly! Thanks, Hal Littlewood


Hans Zeeuwe2004-03-08 18:30

Hello Hal, I used a NAD 270 for a while with very good results. The NAD power ampliefiers have Impedance Sensing Circuit (ISC) topology which handles all kinds of impedances very well. Later I used a Quad `909` that worked perfectly as well. The NAD is a lot cheaper. You should post your question on the Final pages as well.

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