, which setup?

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Sanders2004-02-28 05:18

Dear Sirs, I am considering Mark components for JBL S2600 loudspeakers (impedance - 6 ohms, sensitivity - 92 dB) and I would appreciate your comments.

Will there be a difference in sound between:

Which of the set-ups may reproduce finer, more transparent and airy sound, wider and deeper soundstage with well-defined bass

Do I need to consider ML336 for the JBLs or this investment will not bring better sound?
Is it better to build

The upgraded ML300 series is on the market since 1998. Life cycle of Mark products is some 3-5 years. Will you expect Madrigal to discontinue its ML300 series soon? Is is still worth to go for ML300 amplifier anyway or it is better to look at ML400 series? Thank you and look forward to hearing from you, Sanders


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