2215-BL, BULB

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Benoit Leverrier2008-03-27 15:32

MODEL 2215 BL The bulbson the front are dead! I kwon the VOLTAGE (8V) but which amperage? Thanks Regards


Hugues Pulings2010-03-03 15:12

Hi Benoit,
I personnally have a Marantz 5020 Cassette deck and a 2245 receiver.
Recently I decided to renew all the lighting and I found out that the right voltage is 8V and the amperage, 200 mA.
Could not find that particular amperage but found an advert on e-Bay selling fuse lamps for Marantz with 250 mA. They fit OK and I don\'t think they can do any harm. Moreover, they make the screens brighter, giving a \"new\" look to my good old Hifi.
They cost 6 € for 10 and you should look for \"Marantz Lampen/Lamps-Fuse\".
Seller is ch5oh and he is located in Duisburg, Germany.
I suppose these lamps will fit your equipment as it is contemporary with mine.
Hope this will give an answer to your question!
Best regards,

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