1090, manuals needed

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John D. Smith Jr.2004-02-28 04:32

I have a 5010B Cassette Deck, a 2100 Stereo Tuner, and a 1090 Amplifier. Would you have the schematics on those item? I haven\'t used the system in years and I\'m trying to service it (them). John D. Smith Jr.


Mirce Nesovski2005-06-24 13:15

You can download schematic of 1090 from this link: http://dummyload.com/marantz/index.html For others (2100 & 5010B) I never find some free schematic, so probably you have to buy them as copys of Service Manuals! By the way, I have my own 1090 and 710DC amps, 2100 & 2120 tuners and two 5010B decks. I hope that except some replacement of belts (on deck) , fuse lamps (on tuner) and cleaning contacts (you can find some advices about it on the same link), there will be no need for schematics! Regards, Mirce Nesovski

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