L-309, manual needed

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Dino2004-02-28 04:01

Greetings. I just came to inherit a Luxman L-309 integrated amplifier and would very much like to procure a copy of the users manual. Can anyone kindly assist. Thanx & Regards.


Kerry Morcombe2007-10-07 15:42

Hi Dino As it happens I have copy of the Ownner\'s Manual which includes a two page schematic and a parts list on a CD. Maybe I could copy it to you? The amp is about 75W RMS/channel. I have the little brother the 308, only 55W per channel. Kerry 7 Oct 2007

Rene2010-04-02 01:30

bonjour j\'ai un luxman l308 je cherche un manuel et le schemas electrique pourrier vous m\'aider merci d\'avance

Kessler2010-04-19 20:29

bonjour je recherche le schemas de l'ampli luxman l-308 ou l-309 qui est pratique m'en le meme pourriez vous me le copier merci d'avance

Kessler2010-05-03 21:22

bonjour kerry pouvez vous m'aider pour le schemas pour une copy merci d'avance

Zarkov2011-10-10 04:58

Hey I am also after any manuals or schematics for a luxman l-309, any help would be greatly appreciated.


Tuan2012-04-04 12:20

mail to me, i have manual L309

Tuan Thehemoivn@gmail.com2012-04-04 12:21

mail to me, i have manual L309
DC offset, idle adjiut.

Deluxmon2013-02-01 22:00

I am in desperate need of a Luxman L-309 Service Manual....anyone?

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