500-TX, Autoscan

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Joe2007-02-15 20:28

How exactly does the autoscan feature work??? I bought this receiver a few years ago and rebuilt the main power supply as well as some other work on the front end. The receiver sounds great on both am and fm and seems pretty powerful considering its age (1968). The automute works properly (which was one piece of advice I was given by an old school radio repair man) which is somehow linked with the functions of the autoscan, so I\'m told. I have a schematic for this unit but if you are at all familiar with these varactor type receivers they are quite a chore (lots and lots of components) to work on. If anyone could tell me more specifically what to work on or what part(s) was a common problem I sure would appreciate it. I\'ve been asked many times to sell this unit, however I don\'t like to sell things that are not 100%.


John Falconer2009-07-27 06:41

Push in the Autoscan button - then use the up and down buttons below it to let it scan for channels broadcasting with sufficient strength to overcome the mute and to lock in. Works great ... when it works!

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