CA-854, Speakers

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Tim Sheahan2005-12-10 17:02

What watt speakers should be attached to this system? I got the system from my parents and it works. We have the CA-854 and FM-854 - but they don\'t have instructions/owner manuals to go with it.


Russ2005-12-12 22:34

well, the system is 550 watts total, so your speakers should be from 100-150 watts if you want to crank it up. but have at least 50 watt speakers if you want it to sound good. this is a great system. i have one of my own. the origional speakers are stv-724, 15\"woofers, 5\"mid, 4\"tweeter, 120 watts. you might not be able to find this exact model on ebay right away (someone will eventually have one, but it might take a while), but you can definitly get some fisher speakers on ebay. HINT: GET SPEAKERS WITH 8, 10, 12, 0R 15 INCH WOOFERS, AT LEAST 50 WATTS, AND MAKE SURE THE MODEL NUMBERS BEGIN WITH DS- OR STV- OR ST-. you can get these of ebay very easily.

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