MA-5000, Problem.. help please

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Howard Dunn2007-05-28 05:37

I have a Crown Macro Tech 5000 series and the tip of the electrical amp cord is different from the regular plug. The plug end of this amplifier has the shaped that is similar to an electrical stove or washing machine. I want to be able to used a regular electrical outlet, so how can I solve this problem?


Steve Hughes2011-05-24 05:04

If the plug is a twist lock type (common in profesional setups). just change the plug to a common one.
If this is not the case, then it sounds like your amp may be setup for Euro power. You will need to check the back for a voltage change switch. If none , open case look on main transformer for diffrent voltage taps. With either of these change the switch or tap to 110v, or 120v which ever is indicated. then change the plug.
crown amps are pretty good for P.A., or D.J. setups. lots of power, take lots of punishment, but they are not suited for high end sound. the THD is to high.

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