P-140-X, Wiring daigram

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Bert Hamberg2005-03-19 18:53

Can anyone help me to find a wiring diagram for the Cambridge Audio P-140-X?


Winfried Schoepf2009-06-17 22:54

i have a wiring diagram for the p-140x. Still need it ?
I might be able to assist in case of trouble, as I know this beast well, having repaired these units and other British HiFi.


Niles2013-04-23 23:34

Hi guys. I have a p140x coming. Pretty excited. Had the a3i and a couple recent receivers. They all had such a glorious treble.
Do the owners think this model will sound like the others?
Is the green ground only for use with a turntable?
Wonder if the processor input is a special type.
Thanks for any opinions about the performance, specs,operational hints and matching.

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