AA-8500, Value of this piece?

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Norm2008-01-22 09:03

A friend of mine has an Akai AA-8500. This thing looks and operates as new. Is silver and brown, and I think there is a manual as well. Does anyone know what it may be worth? I just want to see her get the proper amount, as she\'s on a limited income. Thanks for any help.


Anthony2010-01-03 20:59

Not sure I can help but this is a late seventies model ?
Try to connect to Oaktreevintage.com

Perhaps he can give you an indication

Emran2012-10-09 09:06


if it is in good physical condition and it works fine then you can expect around $110 to $140 for it.

Try bidding in ebay and leave the base price at around $90 then bid should be over $95.

let me know

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