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Brett2019-01-05 06:31

Hi All,

First post here.

I am looking for any and all information on Robertson Audio 6010 Amplifier. A service manual and/or schematics would be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to email me at

Thank you!!!


Richard Hines2019-02-14 00:32

Hi Brett.
You can get manual/schematics from a French website called audio occasion. That's how I got my one. Just download it as it's free.
I've had my 6010 since 1997 I need new power capacitors. Best power amplifier I've ever heard.

Brett Mcconnell2019-02-14 00:37

...what if you cannot read French? Can you supply the direct link please?



Brett Mcconnell2019-02-14 00:48

with google translate i found the email address on the page and wrote the two owners....

Brett Mcconnell2019-02-14 00:52

i found it! you are amazing! Thanks!

Richard Hines 2019-02-19 01:01

That's ok Brett. I need four power capacitors which are the same size as a can of Cola. They are 100volt 33000mfd it's a beautiful sounding amplifier. It's been stuck in my cupboard for the past six years. to me it's a krell killer. It has very good damping the bass is to die for very effortless sounding. I will check back with you from time to time. I don't understand French i quess I have a lot of patience when searching on the internet.
Take care Brett

Brett Mcconnell2019-02-19 01:13

Hi Richard,

Well I found out my 6010 is shot. Let me know how much you’d like to buy mine for.

You should be able to find me if you do a search for double u duoble u double u ‘d o t’ Brettmc ‘d o t’ the usual thing that goes after the last ‘ d o t’


Richard Hines 2019-02-19 01:38

Hi Brett.
How long have you had the power amp and yes I would love to buy your amp. How much do you want for it. When I got my 6010 I got an electro research ek1 preamp that was stunning clean sounding but the left channel blew in September 1997 It broke my heart. So that is long gone. And they were both made in the same factory in Singapore. John iverson the man that made the preamp disappeared in the early 90's something to do with the American government. Yes I want the 6010 but I depends on what you are asking for it. And what parts are good. Do you live in London?

Brett 2019-02-19 06:52

I’d like to break even on this is non-functional but I’d like to get $645 with shipping included. It has the 4 caps in there. If you wanted to pay $75 I can have a tech tell you what’s still good in the amp.

Yes I’d love to find more functional Iverson gear...

Look me up.


Richard Hines2019-02-20 00:06

Hi Brett,
It's a shame that you don't get the 6010 repaired for yourself because it's a beautiful amp. If the transistors have gone I've seen some of the big sanken transistors online. That transformer is huge that explains the weight of the thing.
Don't get me wrong I want the power capacitors but if you can get it fixed. Tell me what domestic power amp that would beat it?.
Maybe parasound but then again it won't have the low down tight guts of the 6010. I remember my 6010 driving a pair of infinity 7
Kappa's nearly blew the bass units the sound was that tight. The best domestic power amp by far. Please get it fixed and put it
Through some big American three way Speakers. I do want the parts but what a shame to scrap it. I will never scrape mine.
I love the beast. Should I call her Roberta haha. Let me know what you think.

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