SD-530, Capstan motor replacement

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Bob Putland2009-10-15 21:14

I am in need of a capstan motor assembly for a Marantz SD 530 cassett player. The manual list ths part number as \"MM11200220\".

Any help out there?



Danny2009-11-17 08:37

Bob I recently aquired this unit. I paid 20$ for it. It looks brand new, I can send pictures. I went throught it and really found nothing to clean at all. The head has very and I mean very little to no head ware. If you are intrested, I will sell you the deck at the same price that I paid or maybe we could trade. Give me a call if your intrested.


Mike2011-12-16 11:09

hello can you send me any manuals for this unit ?

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