SQ-77-T Mk2, manual needed

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John Bull2004-02-28 03:44

I have been given a Lux SQ77T/II model solid state Stereo Amplifier in presently unknown condition. I would like to find out whether it is possible to get documentation on this amp. It may well be in extremely poor condition and therefore useless. However I would like to check it out further and could do with even some basic specs re speaker requirements etc.


Avito Da Costa2004-02-28 03:45

Hello John, I have also just become an owner of a Lux SQ77T/II. I have the operating manual which also includes a circuit diagram. I would be willing to scan it and send it to you if you would find it useful.

There are no specs with reference to the recommended speaker impedences, but power output is rated at 20 Watts pc RMS into16 ohms, and 30 Watts pc RMS into 8 ohm loads. The following specs may also be of some help to you:

Input sensitivity - TAPE 1.8mv; PHONO 1.8mv; AUX -1 200mv AUX-2 800mv
Input impedance- TAPE 100 K omhs; PHONO 50 K ohms

Cheers, Avito da Costa

Anto 2013-01-27 10:53

Hey mate just wondering if you still have the wiring diagram as I have one off these amps and would live to recap as I love the sound would love to see what it could do. Thanks Anto

Michael Duffy2013-04-28 19:44

I have a diagram for the amp if you are still keen - though i cannot provide it for a few weeks as i am away from my home.... let me know and we'll then see about it.

Adrian Leong 2013-06-27 13:33

Dear all,

Anyone have a copy of the SQ 77 mk2 schematic or service manual. pls email to me Leong_kin_pang@yahoo.com.sg. Tks a million

Colin Flitter2014-01-16 03:57

Dear All,

i have just been given a SQ77T/II and was wondering if some could help me out with a copy of owner manual and/or wiring diagram as it has a few issues at the moment and really want to get it up and running properly.

any help would be much appreciated


Colin Flitter

Jonathan2014-05-25 08:53

Hi guys

Also just became owner of this interesting little amp (all the way down in South Africa)
Any manual and or schematic would be so much appreciated!

I have replaced 2SB421 germanium transistors with 2SA817 so far all looking good, will start recap with all new Nichicon KG/KZ/FG as soon as I get time.

afroaudio at g mail dot kom

Many thanks

Le H2019-06-15 05:42

Hi to everyone
I just bought a Luxman SQ77/2, I really need the circuit diagram to repaired it.
Please help me out.
Thank you all

my email is lehobby@yahoo.com.au

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