SSW-210-EP, Subwoofer output sometimes is distorted

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Manny Fernandezd2010-03-04 18:34

I have had a Infinity Kappa Subwoofer SSW-210 since new (1990) It is big (two 10 inch drivers) and has a built in amp 250 watts RMS. For the last few years I have on and off heard some distortion. It will play tones without fault, but often during a movie it will sound distorted. I had the woofers checked out and a speaker repair said they looked good. I took the unit to an approved Infinity facility in Orange County, CA and they replaced the amp IC. It still continued to distort on occasion. If I am listening to music it seems ok. More often it is during a movie when the sounds change so quickly. Any ideas?? I heard from a fellow out of New York who is a Infinity expert and he said that these amps have been a problem from the beginning and no one seems to know what to do.


James2010-04-30 12:53

You might be hearing air leaking during big booms. The seals on the seams of the box deteriorate over time and the non-ported design is now ported. You need to open it up and reseal the box.

If that\'s not it then it could be that the range is set too high, I usually set mine to only register 100hz and lower.

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