Citation 19, Citation 19 amp and citation 17 pre-amp combo

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Vern P Bass2018-02-10 00:16

I was able to pick up a citation 19 amp and citation 17 preamp for less than $200 today! I am looking forward to set up and "test drive." I will get back to this forum with an impression ASAP. In the mean time, I looked at the 17's back panel and noticed a 4-pin plug connected to a jack marked "AMP INPUT". There are four insulated, color coded wires with bare ends coming out of the plug. I'm thinking these plug into the speaker outputs of the amp. The 17 has speaker outs and system 1 system 2 front controls. What do you think? Am I correct in this logic? I'd hate to hook up wrong and ruin something! I need advice. Thanks.


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