Spectra 44, Need to find 75k Ohm replacement resistors

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Ryan2016-06-03 19:53

I have obtained yet another pair of acoustat speakers. This time spectra 44s with one bad interface. I took a look inside the bad interface and the 75k Ohm resistors are clearly charred and have left black marks on the PCB. The 680k resistors look to be ok but I have 4 extra from a left over spectra 1100 interface that had the 680k resistors doubled up in place of the 330k ones. The problem is that I have no idea where to find 75k resistors that are good for audio use and 5 watts. I looked on mouser and digikey and did not find anything that I identified as a suitable replacement. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Acoustatanswerman2016-07-17 12:40

Try looking for Vishay ROX series, in a range of 3-5 watts. Finding the exact 75k ohm might be the hardest part, may have to look at paralleling two 150k ohm. Resistance rating is not super critical. Wattage is not the key specification here...you need a high voltage rating of least 5 kV. Newark Electronics (among others) carries the ROX series.

Acoustatanswerman2016-09-03 13:15


Check out this eBay auction.

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