2 plus 2, pr. MK 121-C's, the gift of a friend!

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Chris2016-01-13 21:48

Purchased new back in the 80's by my buddy, they are 94 inches tall; and I tried sticking a cheap 6 amp fuse or a lower rated one in the one that had a broken fuse set-up, which I bypassed with an automotive fuse-holder. It kept blowing the non-recommended fuses I was sub'ing in. Also, the spkr that I presumed to have issues ran hot in the pre-amp and sounded weaker than the ok spkr. I was testing them with a 100w per ch. Yamaha receiver, and they sounded weak and wouldn't get real loud.
So I got the amps from the guy who gave me them (the MK's, 2+2's, I think)..a PS 200 watts per ch. and a Conrad Johnson pre, but nothing with equalizers, and it sounded sharper but didn't get loud with the Conrad Johnson near max'd at 3/4+ on the Vol-knob (violins sounding rather tasty like you can feel the cat-gut of the strings when the Hungarian is dragging the bow across them, pulling double and triple-stops).

Today I finally went and put the recommended 6 amp slo-blo in - everybody went to Disneyland - and went back to the Yama-ha-ha, and it sounds much better - I don't understand why - and does not blow the fuse. The pre to the spkr with my kustom-installed fuse holder does not show arcing in the darkness, but if I rub the back of my knuckles on the 3" grey resistors, I get a little electrical sensation off my knuckle-hairs from it (!but nothing like when I grabbed the connector-terminals that time). It still gets warm but not hot like it did, and I've been playing them for a couple hours now, and the sound seems improved. The spkr that seems to have no issues runs cold on its pre-amp, and together they sound balanced, although they are picky about the source I give to them, having especially tender feelings for 78 rpm records recorded onto the casettes, like, for example, RUSSIAN FOLK SONGS (in Russian) by Alexander Kipnis with Balalaika Orchestra. They are somewhat antagonistic to Elvis through my 8-Track player..The Guitar Man! I can switch to the Dynaco bookshelf's, which have a very excellent sound from any source whatsoever (what great spkrs they are).

These MK 121-c's are clean and original with just a triangle of the black formica or whatever, knicked off one front corner of the left spkr base, about 3/4 of an inch per angle. The grill cloths are in very good condition with not one cat-claw indiscretion being detectable. They also like Woody Herman very much for the most part..particularly whenever Phil Nastico, or Bill Chase steps up to the front.

They are out in a Mayflower moving van converted to a man-cave/ art studio in back of the house right now as there is no room for them in the house..until I give it some thought, maybe. I still have to make room out there for a Hammond B-3K and matching Leslie coming soon! chrisinbigbear
PS: Claw-foot bathtub in the dk-rm. area for washing the prints --


Roy A. Esposito2017-04-25 15:19

Dear Clients, Friends and devotees of Acoustat --
Please make sure to change the Audio Fuse in the outside post of
your Acoustat Spectra or MK Series interfaces to a 3 ampere
slow-blow type. The original factory spec 5 amp fuse is not adequate protection
against costly audio transformer damage using modern fast and powerful
amplifier designs. This is especially urgent if you use a tube preamp
paired with a solid-state amplifier.
Mouser.com part number 313003 is a good source. Or perhaps Home Depot or Lowes.
Note : The two internal 1/4 ampere AC line fuses on Acoustat models that have them
never require replacement. As always, I am available for service/upgrades/improvements
of your Acoustat Interfaces and Acoustat power amplifiers and preamplifiers.
Enjoy the Music ! ----Roy

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