Z-824, JansZen Z-824 parts

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Bill Pickford2012-09-27 05:26

I have a pair of JansZen Z 824 speakers. I need a pair of reostat controls for the spekers. Or can someone tell me where i could purchase these parts. I love my speakers and miss hearing music through them.


Jim2012-11-19 17:05

I have some from the RTR product that will work...jim

Bill Pickford2012-12-13 03:07

Hi Jim
Thanks for your reply. That sounds good. I need the reostats for these speakers - is that what you have. If so how much money are we talking and how can we get these parts to me. I am in Western Australia

James Weigand2012-12-13 03:48

bigjimmiey@gmail.com write vme

James Weigand2012-12-13 04:04

I have them

Bill Pickford2012-12-13 05:03

Great how can we get them?

James Weigand2012-12-13 05:05

do you need one for each speaker?

Bill Pickford2012-12-15 07:04

Yep I do

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