MK-121, One speaker has low volume

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Chris2012-03-09 03:14

Hi, I am having a problem with one of my interfaces attached to a Acoustat Model 4. One channel has very low volume coming from it so I did the following to diagnose it: I started by swapping parts back and forth between the two interfaces and narrowed it down to the high voltage board with the speaker outputs. I replaced the 3300 pf caps, tested the high voltage diodes using a power supply and measuring the voltage drop across it when in series with a 250 ohm resistor and they all checked out. I also measured the 50K ohm resistor and the .01uf capacitors leaving only the 500M ohm resistor which I orded and am waiting on. I was just curious if anyone knows or sees anything I may be overlooking? It is possible I ran a signal through the amp while it wasn't plugged in and I remember someone telling me that it was bad to do and would blow out a particular component. Has anyone herd of this? Thanks in advance for any help, Chris


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