3, Model 3 interface-low out put

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Ddt2012-02-22 09:07

Decided to break out the Model 3's to see how they compared after having to slum it for a few years with some Spectra 3300. Got them set up and one was producing less output and a tad bit distorted, which increases some with volume.
Sounded like a fuse-checked those and all was well.
Swapped interfaces-the problem followed.
What are the possible culprits?
What should inspect/meter first?
I am far more the listener then the Techie but I can manage a thing or 3 so any advice in simplr terms would be greatly appreciated

PS I run the 3300 with a Bedini 150 mkII, Ai mod 3 pre, Acurus ACD11 Technics 1200mk2, SW1 2xjbl6260


Andy Szabo - Acoustatanswerman2012-03-04 14:29

The problem moved with the interface, so your panels should be okay. A reduced playing volume (if occurring equally at all frequencies) is usually caused by low bias voltage. And the most likely culprit is one or more of the capacitors in the high voltage multiplier. I suggest you replace all of them in both speakers (ten total). The diodes in the multiplier can go bad too, but that's not as likely as the capacitors. Note that those diodes are multi-junction high-voltage-types,so cannot be measured with an ohmmeter in the usual manner.

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