MK-121, moving these speakers

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Austin2012-01-21 20:26

Please help. Someone needs to move these speakers with this model number on the black electronic box. mk-121-2a. I'm the electrician and have been told that these things have a capacitor that needs to be uncharged before they can be moved. Does this sound familiar to anyone? If this is in fact the case how would one go about safely doing this so as not to damage anything? Any help would be much appreciated.


Richard2012-02-02 18:02

In order to remove the MK-121-2A interface, the first thing to do is to unplug the line power supply plug. Then the upper panel can be opened. BE VERY CAREFUL because the internal high voltage power supply will remain charged at around 4.8KVolts !. In order to discharge the HV power supply, a jumper wire shall be first attached to the chassis (make sure it is a good ground). Then, the red-pink wire at the center of the PCB must be discharged. Attaching the other side of the jumper to the metallic section of a screwdriver is a good way to proceed. Then holding the screwdriver by the insulated handle, the metallic part can be approached and gently put in contact with the red-pink high voltage wire on the PCB, close to the RED connector soldered on the PCB. Make sure you touch the PCB trace for at least 20 seconds, in order to fully discharge any remaining charges. Then, the HV side panel wires can be removed and the interface can be unscrewed from the speaker. Be also very careful not to shock the panel. This is very fragile. Do not lay the panels flat, but rather on their sides in order to reduce the risk of breaking any internal wires. Two persons are usually preferred to move the panels.
Good Luck. Richard.

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