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Leo Bischof2012-01-01 16:27

I see myself very lucky to have purchased a Spectra 66.I have auditioned many High - End speakers and nothing compared to the 66s. The previous owner already did all the available upgrades. Additional upgrades were done: Panels wired with Eichmann Silver wires, Eichmann Speaker terminals, 3 Cerabals support units per speaker and eventually the TOWNSHEND SUPER TWEETERS. I can strongly recommend these S/T as they integrate very well with the Acoustats. I have managed to build a clamp on the inside of the speaker at +/- ear height. They are supplied with there own cabling and have a level adjustment at the back of the unit, so adjustments are easily and quickly done. The supplied speaker cable has to be connected to the speaker cable terminal of the Acoustats and you are already in business, no soldering or removal of panels is necessary. I gladly supply a picture of my set-up. Amplification is the Audio Research Reference Line ( 40 the Ann. Ref, Ref 210 KT 120, Ref 8 CD, Ref 2 phono and Clearaudio Master Ref with Colibri Gold Ref). Good results were also achieved with the Audio Research DS 450 power amp with dynamic power of 1800 watts into 4 ohms. If you want to use valves, you need 250 watts plus, therefore the DS 450 is a cheaper option. My listening room (11m x 6 m) tends to be on the lively side, therefore valves work better for me. In dark sounding rooms, I would definitely prefer the solid state DS 450.
I visited the Munich Audio Show last year and found nothing which sounded better than the 66.
The only Speaker which I thought were in a similar class were the Lansche Audio Cobus with a
Plasma tweeter and a Horn Mid-range at 55000.00 Euros!
I also had the opportunity to audition a pair of Martin Logan’s CLX with dedicated subs in
my Listening room. The CLX had slightly more detail in the Mid-range, tops were equal to the
66s incl S/Tw, but overall the 66s were a far more satisfying speaker and specifically the bass
reproduction of the 66s against the CLX including subs was far better. The overall bass of the
CLX incl subs sounded disjointed in comparison and the low bass sounded like it was recorded in
a different recording environment. Still the CLX is probably one of the very best speakers
which is available today and I would recommend anybody which has failed to find a used
Acoustat should audition the CLX , it would be my choice if I would not own a 66.


Mracoustat2012-01-27 16:22

Hi Leo Bischof if it is possible i would like to get in touch with you here is my e-mail address thank you very much. André MrAcoustat Sévigny.

PS: My friend Jocelyn Jeanson would like to reach you he own's Spectra 6600s very highly modified here is a photo of me with his speakers.



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