DR-1, RTR DR 1 Dymastatic

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Alberto Zaccarelli2010-12-30 15:46

I would like to get in touch with everybody owned this model of RTR DR 1 Dymastatic


Joao Silva2011-04-04 21:34

I have a pair. Working fine. Never heard better sound

Joao Silva2011-04-04 21:36

I have a pair. Working fine. Never heard better sound

Curtis Fry2011-04-12 23:03

I own a pair of these. Very satisfied.

Joao Silva2011-04-13 00:00

also, I have all the schematics, once RTR sent me

Curtis Fry2011-04-13 01:45

I'd like to get a copy of the schematics. How can we work this out? My email:


Thanks. Curtis

Joao Silva2011-04-13 02:34

Will find a way. they are large blue prints. will have to split to A4 format. will be back with a solution.
Did you ever had problems with Cinch-Jones connector?

Curtis Fry2011-04-13 23:44

Thank you very much for offering these plans to me. As far as the connector, once I got these home and reconnected, a yellow warning light came on one the ES. I contacted the seller and he said DON"T PLAY THEM since the warning light could be a sign of weird oscillation. I switched the ES from one woofer set to the other and the warning light no longer lit. Sometimes, getting those halves together is a pain due the way the connector is located right in the middle of the unit. Fortunately, the "play" in the male end from the ES helps if my aim is somewhat awry. I was warned about those connectors - be careful NOT to crush the male end. So far, so good.

John Smith2012-02-16 01:28

Hello Joao Silva,

I also have a pair of rtr dr1 speakers but have a problem on of the speakers. The bass speakers works on channels but no sound or light from the electrostatic speaker on one side. I need to take them in for repair. I would be interested in a set of schematics as well. Please e-mail me and maybe we can work something out. Thanks in advance.


John Smith2012-02-16 01:55

Sorry, my E-mail address is cm123451@gmail.com


Alberto2012-04-03 14:57

I own a pair of RTR DR 1 Dymastatic and at the moment they work fine but I would interested to get the tweeters panels ELS as a spare parts. Where I can find them?

Alternatively, do you suggest other company which makes this kind of ELS panel (I think it's called HF 50)?

Thanks in advance


Curtis Fry2012-04-03 23:27


The DR-1 does not contain HF-50 panels but a unique circumradial design exclusive to this speaker. Unless you find a pair for sale, as in those currently on eBay for $1,000, I doubt you'll find replacement ES "tops" for these. Good luck!


Alberto2012-04-04 07:23

Thanks Curtis for your reply.

I bought a pair of RTR DR 1 and I would like to check if the ES tops work properly. At the moment they seem play ok. Do you have measeuraments and schematics for this kind of job?
And in case the ES top, after check, they are low than the original data where I can rapair or refurbish them?

Thanks in advance


Alberto2012-04-04 15:50

Thanks Curtis for your reply.

I bought a pair of RTR DR 1 and I would like to check if the ES tops work properly. At the moment they seem play ok. Do you have measeuraments and schematics for this kind of job?
And in case the ES top, after check, they are low than the original data where I can rapair or refurbish them?

Thanks in advance

John Jay2012-05-14 14:33

I also have a pair of DR-1s. One of the electrostatic amps is not working and would like to get the schematic so I can get it repaired. These are some of the finest sounding speakers. I also have two of the RTR subs. It is still an awsome system.
Please contact me with whatever info you have.

James Weigand2012-05-28 21:58

I have all replacement parts for the DR-1.....We purchased all the inventory from the original RTR last year. Have complete amps and top heads too.

John Jay2012-05-29 00:04

Do you have any info on getting the electrostatic amp repaired?
How much are you selling the amp for? My email is jjroxguard-breezin@yahoo.com.
Thank You.

James Weigand2012-05-29 00:15

No I just have new amps, I would sell one for 675 + core (225.) I know there were transformer issues with the early models, let me know, James

William2012-12-27 15:58

I'm looking for a copy schematic diagram for RTR DR 1 Dymistatic, who can help me to find them?

Jim2013-01-17 16:15

I will look for it, I am sure I have them it's just finding them that's the trick.....I assume for amplifier?

William2013-01-19 15:51

Yes, I'm looking for a copy schematic diagram for the amplifier RTR DR 1 Dymistatic.

Joao Silva2013-07-08 17:10

john jay:

Do you have the original speaker units? How can I contact you?

Jim Weigand2013-07-08 17:12

Yes I do, bigjimmiey@gmail.com

Scott Campbell 2014-10-21 22:09


I'm located in Sydney Australia and own a pair of the RTR DR1.

Unfortunately, the audio transformers in the amplifiers are open circuit.

The all important circular panels work perfectly though !

Would anyone have spares or replacement transformers ?



Jim2014-10-21 22:13

I have complete amplifiers but no transformers themselves, sorry, jim

Scott Campbell2015-06-25 07:36

Well, I have my DR-1's up and running at long last.

They sound very good indeed. However, now that the panels are working correctly, I've found all the bass drivers have been replaced by cheap Dai-ichi drivers.

Can anyone tell me what the correct drivers are for this model please ?

Dean Janson2016-10-30 01:52

Hello,I have a great pair of rtr dr-1. They work perfectly. Can anybody tell me where I can get a dr-1 manual? Can somebody e-mail me the connection specks and or the overall specs,oops,miss spell. Send them to jansondean@yahoo.com. Tyvm,Dean.

Dean Janson2016-10-30 02:36

Hello,I am trying to locate a RTR DR-1 manual for my dr180's. Any connection type information would help,I had the original white book that came with these but something happened to it and I never saw it again.If someone has one of the white RTR DR1 speaker manual/book's I would like to purchase one. Thank you very much,Dean.

Scott Campbell2016-10-30 06:22

Hello Dean,

I tried to email you but says the email address is unknown ?

Saw your post about the DR-1. I have the original user manual for the DR-1, but it doesn't show any internal wiring hookups?

All it shows is the connection of the driver amplifier for the bass drivers, and the inputs for the tweeter amplifier ?



Timber Dawn2016-10-30 21:48

Hi Scott, I am writing you on behalf of Dean Janson, I'm a little more tech savvy so I have been trying to help him find this manual online. Would you mind sending that Manual pdf to my email at TimberDawnChild@gmail.com so I could get that printed out for him. Thank you for your time, we hope to hear back from you soon.

Timber Dawn2016-10-30 21:53

I just reread your post and noticed you said original Manual, are you willing to sell that or are you wanting to photocopy it? Hope to hear from you soon.

Scott2016-11-01 12:03

Replied to your email address yesterday.

Regards Scott

John Jay2016-11-01 13:38

I have a owners manual and have quite a lot of years of experience as an owner of the DR-1 speakers and the various setup arrangements, ie...with electronic crossovers and the RTR subwoofer, etc. I would be happy to answer questions.
One of my Dr-1 amplifiers stopped working and needs repair. Does anyone know of a an available schematic for the amp or a tech that has experience in troubleshooting and repairing the DR=1 amplifier?

Jim Weigand2016-11-01 14:15

I have it all, manual, schematics, literature, original drawings and parts. I am away on an equipment buying tour and will be home on the 15th so if you'd like to get ahold of me then I will be happy to help you out, Jim.

John Smith2016-11-01 23:36

Hello Jim Weigand,

I really need a copy of the schematics. Please contact me. Thank you.

Scott2016-11-01 23:39

Dear Jim,

I'd greatly appreciate a copy also. Id also like to offer to reimburse you for any time & money spent ?



Dean Janson2016-11-02 05:07

Hello,ok I will let you know if I have any luck finding the white RTR DR-1 speaker user manual. So far no luck at all as it is a very sought after pair of speakers therefore the manual is very difficult if not impossible to find. Dean

Dean Janson2016-11-02 05:51

Hi Jim ,sounds like we all really need your help with user manual information,hope you had a great trip. Dean.

Dean Janson2016-11-02 05:56

I'm trying to find someone who will sell me a copy of the white DR-1 user manual. Please let me know if you have one you would consider selling,thank you. Dean.

Scott Campbell2016-11-02 06:42

I have the fold out brochure type user manual, if that's any use ?

Happy to scan and email if needed.


Dean Janson2016-11-03 05:02

Hello and thank you Scott,that would be great if you could send me what you have. I have only ever seen the white RTR DR-1 speaker user manual. Thank's again.

Timber Dawn2016-11-09 02:32

I found a site that had the manual. Here is a link to the page if anyone else needs or wants a copy.

Rich Moore2016-11-21 22:52


Dean Janson2016-11-21 23:45

Sorry no photos or tit.

John Jay2016-11-29 22:31

I wanted to let those interested in the white DR1 Speaker System by Dymistatic Owners Manual know that I now have a PDF of it that I can email to you. I also am working on getting the RTR PS/1 Pyramid Satellite & DAC1 Rhombus Subwoofer manual in PDF form.

I would also like to make contact with Jim Weigand about getting a copy of the DR1 amplifier schematic if that is available. Jim if you could contact me at the address below it would be greatly appreciated.
John Jay


Dean Janson2016-11-30 00:11

Hello all. I have a pair of the RTR-DR1 speakers. I just had all 6 bass speakers reconed. They work better than ever. The wood cabinets are very beautiful. I will entertain offers if anybody is interested in purchasing them. Keep in mind these were $6,000 a pair new and worth every penny. These are hands down the BEST speakers I have EVER heard in my life.jansondean@yahoo.com

Rich Moore2016-11-30 16:04


Dean Janson2016-12-03 04:53

2K each I would hope. I haven't at the moment a set price.

Dean Janson2016-12-03 04:54

These were $6,000 a pair new.

Jim Weigand2016-12-03 16:29

Suggested List for the DR-1 in 1981 was 1800 each

John Smith2016-12-03 20:18

Hello Jim,

I am looking for schematics for the DR1, especially the amp schematic. If you have these available, I may be interested in purchasing them. Please contact me at cm123451@gmail.com

Thank you

Dean Janson2016-12-04 00:05

Hello,I got mine from somebody on this forum.my dr1's or also called the DR180 are for sale.

Dean Janson2016-12-04 00:09

When these full sized dr1's first came out the magnolia hi fi location in Lynwood Wa sold them for $2,995.00 each. I have seen the original reciept from my original speakers purchase. That was the price.

Dean Janson2016-12-04 00:39

John jay can you please send me the PDFs you referred to in your post please"jansondean@yahoo.com

Jim Weigand2016-12-04 00:44

I have the original RTR price sheet with dealer cost and 1800 is what it says.

Dean Janson2016-12-04 00:46

Wow that's cool. Aren't they awesome sounding!ððð

Jim Weigand2016-12-04 00:48

Yes, very. I have a new pair in box. 6 used ones.

Scott2016-12-04 01:03

These are obviously a rare and desirable model. Not surprisingly when you consider the skill that went into the electrostatics arrays!

Mine are missing the correct 10" and 12" bass drivers. Does anyone have a suggestion for replacements, or information on the original drivers ? I've completely restored the cabinets, overhauled the amplifiers (with thanks to Jim for invaluable advice!) and I'd love to get them back to completely original specs.

Regards from Australia


Jim Weigand2016-12-04 01:07

I can find the 10's they are an alnico with foam, the 12" is the same woofer as they used in the Fulton Model J except they used a foam surround instead of accordion.

John Jay2016-12-04 01:59

Hello Jim Weigand,
Do you have a copy of the DR1 electrostatic amp schematic I could purchase from you?
Please contact me at johnjay.studio@yahoo.com

Scott2016-12-04 02:02

Thank you Jim, that's good information to have. I'll get looking for them, unless you have any spares you would part with ?



Jim Weigand2016-12-04 05:30

Scott, if you are not in a big hurry I can muster the 6 woofers together for you. Will take a little time though, Jim

Scott2016-12-04 05:43

I don't know what to say Jim, other than thank you very very much!

After 5 years ownership I'm in no great hurry.

I'm in Australia but more than happy to pay costs.

Please let me know if there's anything in the audio department that you're looking for, as I have many contacts and would be happy to return the favour?

My email is audio@tradeontheweb.net



Jim Weigand2016-12-04 06:07

No problem Scott, glad to help. As for John Jay I do have schematic of the amp but it's on another computer so will take me until next week to locate it. I had it digitized from a boiler plate drawing so should be pretty good contrast.

Rich Moore2016-12-04 14:37


John Jay2016-12-04 15:50

That's great news! Like Scott I have been waiting quite a few years since I have heard them. I look fwd to having the schematic so I can finally start checking out what's wrong with the amp.
John Jay

John Smith2017-04-03 03:52

I have a pair of 10 inch and a single 12 inch ORIGINAL speakers for a RTR DR1's for sale. All need to be reconed and rebuilt if anyone is interested.

Jim Weigand2017-04-03 04:34

I am what are you asking and where are they located?

Rich Moore2017-04-06 22:21

John Jay, you mentioned you also have a pair of RTR subs? Are these of the same era?? Were they designed to pair with the dr-1's? do have any pics? Powered subs? thanks a million. rich

Jim Weigand2017-04-06 23:10

Ahh, are you selling the stuff you said?

Scott Campbell2017-04-06 23:30

Rich More

I have a pair of the RTR Rhombus subs that I believe were paired with the smaller speakers in the DAC system (?)

Do you need pictures of any specific part of the subs ?



Jim Weigand2017-04-07 02:35

why would i need picc?

Scott Campbell2017-04-07 02:42

Sorry Jim, I was replying to Rich More in the comment above where he asked for pics.



Rich Moore2017-04-09 03:19

just a couple of pics of the speakers over-all would be great!I din't know rtr made subs...

Rich Moore2017-04-09 03:21

I've got a set of dr-1's waiting for me in seattle. I just need to figure out how to get them down to santa barbara ca. the vendor is no longer able to drive them down here.

Scott Campbell2017-04-09 03:29

No problems Rich,

I'll take some pics of the monsters over the next few days.

Do you have an email I could send them to ?



Rich Moore2017-04-14 16:33

rmatlantis@cox.net Thanks!

John Smith2017-05-13 05:47

If anyone is interested I have some RTR DR1 Owners Manual Copys.

Alberto Zaccarelli2017-05-13 09:32

Hi John,

If you have a copy of RTR DR 1 Dymistatic I'm very interested.



Alberto Zaccarelli2017-05-13 09:32

Hi John,

If you have a copy of RTR DR 1 Dymistatic I'm very interested.



John Smith2017-05-13 11:22

Regarding Owners manual contact cm123451@gmail.com

Julian Pieri2018-03-31 14:16

Hello, I have a pair of of RTR DR-1 Dymistic Electrostic Speakers.

I am looking for a Owners Manual/Schematics or PDF if anyone can help
as I would like to test them but am unsure of the connections as there is a seperate Bass Input.

Any help greatly appreciated.



Rich Moore2018-03-31 15:54

Julian, feel free to call me. I have a set of speakers as well as a schematic and I believe I have a pdf of the owners manual. 805 272.0677

Julian Pieri2018-03-31 15:58

Hi Rich , thank you for your prompt reply.

Not sure where you live , but I am in Perth Western Australia .

Rich Moore2018-03-31 17:06


Rich Moore2018-03-31 17:07


Rich Moore2018-03-31 18:41

If I can get your email I can at least send you what i've got. You need an amplifier to power the bass drivers in each speaker. 150 watts min is recommended. You hook up the speaker leads to the binding posts.. You ALSO need to run a rca cable from your preamp to the rca on the back of the speaker... This is the input for the speakers internal amplifier which drives the upper section of the speaker which is the electrostatic mid/tweeter portion of the speaker. If this electrostatic section is working properly you should see a green neon lamp glowing in the lower portion of the grill cloth in front. BUT!!!! if you see a orange lamp in the upper section of the grill cloth there is a problem with the internal amp.. turn the power off asap and get it fixed before any use. Finding someone to fix it will be a bitch as the schematic is very very basic and the circuit is complicated.

Scott2018-03-31 20:07

Hi Julian, I also own a pair and have the paperwork if you ever need a copy. I've had my amplifiers successfully repaired twice by an Electrostatic builder and repairier of ,any years experience.

I'm in Sydney, so please feel free to either call or email if you need help or information.


Rich Moore2018-03-31 21:49

Thanks for helping out here Scott! I'm currently having issues with one of my triple tap transformers.. These are 120 v in and 35v/90v/210v out. any ideas where ican get one? they were made by cw magnetronics mod number 4208. I understand early models had problems. I just noticed that the working amp looks like it has been replaced in the past.

Rich Moore2018-03-31 21:56

Scott c. The drivers for the dr1's were rather famous.. For the life of me the name escapes me, They were alican alicol pr something. There was a big to do about the company having probs getting the magnets at some point due to a shortage as well as talk of the magnets getting weaker over time. Perhaps some one can recall the name. I surely will recognize it if i see somebody posting a few options.

Rich Moore2018-03-31 22:01

scott I would not bother replacing the drivers with originals.. There are modern units at reasonable prices that are equal than or superior too the originals. These dr1's are bass heavy performers that are trying to just use 2 10" drivers. (The 12" internal driver is just there to tighten up the base by creating an "Infinite Baffle" and are 180 degrees out of phase.

Scott2018-04-01 00:13

Thanks Rich,

I'll keep the driver issue in mind and have sourced some Peerless with similar specs.
The transformers tend to delaminate the output wiring at the very point they begin to be covered. At least that was the issue with mine.
My tech said at the time that it would be bound to happen to most of them, sooner or later, due to that design.

I don't know how you'd go about repairing them, other than trying to source a replacement? I think Jim had some several years ago, it not sure if he still has them.


Rich Moore2018-04-01 00:22

I did peel then to that layer.. that wasn't where the problem is. I would like to find a new one if at all possible.

Jim Weigand2018-04-02 19:54

The woofers were Alnico and should be refoamed, well worth it. Early units could be Rola (10's,) but later were all RTR inhouse built. I have schematic if needed. I also have a transformer winding company that could whip some up to spec custom but w/o quantity it will cost per unit but??? I might have some trannies too.

Rich Moore2018-04-03 15:09

I'm looking for a single transformer. The 90 and 35 volt secondaries are working, but the 210 volt is not. I carefully opened the unit up to the point that the leads are attached, but the problem was not there.

Rich Moore2018-04-07 22:30

Does anybody know who works on these amps? Now i'm getting a hum out of the working speaker!I re capped it some time ago and everything was great now this! and I'. trying to find the bias transformer for the other channel.

Jim Weigand2018-04-07 22:33


Rich Moore2018-04-30 01:51

Jim, If you don't have the transformer that supplies the (approx) 35 volts, 90 volts and 190 volts for the neon light and bias circuit I am very interested in getting a complete amp assembly asap.

Frank X2018-11-26 19:16

I bought a pair for $800 back in the 80's from a guy in the San Fernando Valley. I wish I would have kept them but sold them to a friend who had them confiscated in a drug bust and sold at auction. I didn't know all this had happened until after the fact or I would have gone to that auction and bought them back. I wish I still had them. Not many speakers can build a 3D soundstage that follows you around like they can when setup properly.

Curtis Fry2019-03-03 01:56

Jim Weigand,
If you're still following this thread, I plan to take my DR-1 into a tech in a couple of weeks for a service check and overhaul (whatever that means). If you help me out with schematics of the power supply, I'd appreciate it. Let me what you need for compensation and I'll make it happen. Thank you.


Curtis Fry2019-05-25 02:33

Thanks to Jim Weigand and my local tech, Bob from Action Electronics, for restoring my DR-1 speakers to original singing glory! FANTASTIC SOUND!

Alberto Zaccarelli2019-05-25 15:19

Hi guys,

Who can help me to find a good labs to repair my esl cylindrical tweeter of RTR dr 1 Dymistatic?

Please Jim if you two in stock as spare parts I willing to buy them.


Curtis Fry2019-05-25 16:40


My repair man is willing to effect repairs on DR-1 speakers. He is located in Williamsburg, VA and will ONLY accept customer delivered items. He will NOT accept shipments.

He worked with Big Jim to get my DR-1 back into wonderful singing order. If you want to explore this possibility, let me know and I will send you my repair man's information.


Alberto Zaccarelli2019-05-25 17:26

Hi Curtis,

Many thanks for your information.

Yes for sure, I would like to receive your man’s repair information.

You can send it at my personal email: alberto.zaccarelli@gmail.com

I will be grate for this precious suggestion.


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