3, Model 3 Placement with respect with side walls

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Richard2010-12-03 19:22

Dear Andy. I have a question regarding the placement of Model 3 with respect with the side walls. I have a long listening room of 34 feet but having only 11 feet large. My actual Acoustat Model 2 are placed at about 14 inches of each side walls and 3 feet from the rear wall, emitting on the long axis. The actual results are very good (listing position is at about 14 feet from speakers). I am considering an upgrade to model 3 and it means that they would be at only 10 inches of each side walls (I have a HDTV in between). I would really appreciate to have your advice regarding the performances of the model 3 in such a configuration i.e.: would it be at least, as good as my actual setup? (NB: The ampl. I have is a NAK PA7 MK2)

Just a word to let you know that I really appreciate your work and contribution on this site. It is wonderful for Acoustat lovers like us. I very often read your comments and technical notes. Thank you for being here.


Richard2012-01-31 18:45

Dear all, does anyone know if M. Andy Szabo is still active on this forum?

Many thanks...Richard.

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