1 plus 1, Modded Edition

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Mracoustat2010-08-19 16:43

Please have a look at the Acoustat 1+1s it is a modified pair of 1+1 everything was modified from interfaces to the exterior. Thanks for looking. MrAcoustat


Sylvo2011-07-06 08:17

Show me the pics of your Acousat 1plus 1 modded edition

Mracoustat2011-07-06 11:05

Hi Sylvo, you can see the making of my Acoustat's 1+1s in my Flickr galery here is the link.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/mracoustat/ MrAcoustat

Sylvo2011-07-07 10:22

Amazing and thanks for sharing - I see you have a lot of changes in the electonics of the 1+1 - do you share your experience and mod. diagram too?
Once again - congrats.

Mracoustat2011-07-07 13:16

Hi Sylvo all mods where done by my friend Jocelyn Jeanson of Kingsbury Quebec, he as been doing mods on Acoustat's for many many years, he's in contact with people across the world, send me your e-mail address and i will put you in contact with him, my e-mail address is mracoustat@videotron.ca, looking forward to hear from you. Andre MrAcoustat Sevigny.

Sylvo2011-07-08 03:52

Andre - thanks - email on the way to you.

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Mracoustat2012-01-27 20:29

I'm sorry to all i forgot to include the site where my Acoustat's 1+1s can be seen it is in my Flickr photo galery here pages 5 and 6 - http://www.flickr.com/photos/mracoustat/

Mracoustat2012-01-27 20:37

Alinda Zhang any relation to the beautiful Rachel Zhang of Grant Fidelity ????? ( just curious )

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