4, Should I pick a set up for $300?

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Bob Jones2010-04-26 09:39

I have an opportunity to pick up a pair of 4\'s for $300.00. I have 1s, 2+2s and 3s and I would love to add this to my collection. Could you tell me what panels are in the 4\'s? I know the 2+2s share the same panels as the 1\'s and the threes with the exception of the center panels in the 3\'s. These speakers have not been used in years, they don\'t have covers (socks), thanks to you, and you told me where I could get those for my 2\'s, which I did. I have not seen the speakers but a friend of mine, who is a tech for one of the stereo stores in the local of where these speakers are at is going to take an amp and CD player over to the house and make sure they play, don\'t arc, pop etc. Is there anything else I should know about the 4\'s and again thank you in advance for your help...........Bob


Andy Szabo2010-04-26 15:33

The Model 4 uses the same basic panels as the other Acoustat models: the two outer panels are 9 inches wide, and the inner two panels are 8 inches wide. Essentially an expansion of the Model 3.

The Model 4\'s are a fairly early model, so may not incorporate some of the later refinements, such as Medallion transformers, unless they have been upgraded. Otherwise, if they are in good condtion now, and haven\'t suffered any abuses, they should continue to work for a long time. I would say they are definitely worth 300 dollars. Due to their age and not being covered with socks, they panels may need a thorough cleaning. It may also take a while for the panels to \'quiet down\', that is, to stop minor snapping until the dust rearranges itself. I had the same experience when I bought a used pair of Spectra 4400\'s, which had unfortunately been stored under poor conditions.

As far as sonic performance compared to your other models, they will have the bass strength of the 2+2\'s (having nearly the same panel area), but will not image quite as precisely due to their wider width.

Thanks for supporting Acoustat with your impressive collection of models! Nice to hear from you.

Bob Jones2010-04-27 08:54

Andy thanks for your quick response, however, after asking questions from you in the past this comes as no surprise.

I heard a pair of Sound Labs a couple years ago and that is what has gotten me on the Acoustat bandwagon if you will. The 4s I am hoping will give me that big sound stage that the Sound Labs seem to do so well. The pinpoint imaging, I have found, is not what gives me the goose bumps but the wave of music these panels seem to do so well at. I have had single ended amps driving very efficient speakers with that pinpoint image it was okay. But when I had the opportunity to attend a Christmas concert with a full piece orchestra several years ago I realized that there is no such thing as pinpoint imaging. I closed my eyes and I could not identify any single instrument, it was a wave of music with lots of air, again which the Acoustats seem to do real well at. What the Acoustat don't do well is the dynamics but I will give that up for all the things they do, do well, I guess that makes sense. I guess I also want to say, I have all the pure panel speakers they made in their day even if I don't listen to all of them all the time.

I do find I listen to the 3s the most, the 1s the least and if I want to rock and roll on occasion I will listen to the 2+2s. I do listen with a sub only for the lowest of lows, not a big base guy. The one\'s I have, have the medalion transformers, can I swap them into the three\'s

Andy again thank you for you information and the education I get from your web site!..Bob

Andy Szabo2010-04-26 18:40

The interface for the Model One is the MK-141 series, rather than the MK-121 series used on the full range models. The MK-141 uses a single, limited-frequency range transformer, whereas the MK-121 uses seperate low and high frequency audio transformers. Therefore you cannot swap parts from the Model One\'s into Model 3\'s.

Bob Jones2010-04-26 23:44

Darn, how about into the 2+2\'s, ti doesn\'t sound that would work either..... Oh well..............again thanks...........Bob

Bob Jones2010-04-26 23:47

Oopps, I mean 1+1\'s if that makes a difference with the interface.......Bob

Andy Szabo2010-04-27 02:48

Only hybrid (i.e. with woofer) Acoustat models such as the Model One, 2MH, and 3MH use the MK-141 (or MK-131) single-transformer interface. The 1+1, 2, 3, 4, and 2+2 use the MK-121 series interface. The various incarnations of the MK-121 may look different externally, but the innards are essentially the same, save for some minor component differences introduced over time.

New-old-stock (NOS) Medallion transformers are still available, and appear from time to time on eBay. But be prepared to pay at least a couple hundred dollars for the set of two high frequency and two low frequency transformers.

Steve Zeeuwe2010-04-27 09:06

Dear Andy, Bob,

There went something wrong with the forum section after I tried to change something, so unfortunately Bob\'s reply to Andy\'s first post has been moved. I will try and fix this soon, sorry for the troubles!

Kind regards,

Steve Zeeuwe
The Audio Circuit

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