2, crackling noise

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Michele2010-03-03 14:01

My 2 + 2 speakers make a popping noise. When you wash your panels do you
wet the plastic membrane too or just the plastic inserts?

I would like to keep these speakers but I need to eliminate this noise.

Any suggestions would be helpful.


Andy Szabo2010-04-16 03:12

Before washing, I would suggest a complete discharging of the speaker, and then a good vacuuming of both sides of the panels (with the grille cloth off).

If you decide to wash the panels, they must be removed from the wooden frame, and the felt blocks peeled away from the rear of the panels.

The panel must be washed as a complete unit, as there is no way to disassemble the panel without destroying it. Use a very mild soap, only warm water of gentle spray, and rinse, rinse, and rinse again. Be sure the panel is completely dry before reattaching the felt blocks: use spray contact adhesive on the felt, not on the panel.

Good luck, and write again if you need more help.

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