ESR-6, Schematic request

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Jim York2010-01-31 20:37

I just need that schematic, it\'s only a single page...mine was stolen from me.


John Mcleod2010-08-29 02:39

I would appreciate your help with a wiring schematic and a diagnostic tree or any other information you might possibly have regarding RTR model ESR-6 magnaplainer electrastat. Thank you in advance for your technical advice and input.
John McLeod

Jim2010-10-06 15:05

I have, do you still need?

Jim2010-10-06 15:15

John, do you need help still?

David White2011-01-10 18:45

If the wchematic is still available I would like to receive. I have a pair of ESR-6's that I have had for 25 years.

James2011-01-10 19:37

yes I have

James2011-01-10 19:39

need info

David White2011-01-10 20:59

James, you can email me

TIA -david

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