Spectra 1100, Foot or no feet

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Pkaram2010-01-30 23:50

New owner of the Spectra 1100. Recently, bought a pair used without ever hearing the speaker before. Surprisingly, it is much better sounding than what others have wrote on the internet. My pair came without any feet or spikes. My question is what was originally supplied with the Spectra 1100? Will I gain much with the feet? Thanks in advance.


Andy Szabo2010-01-31 01:36

The spiked feet originally supplied with the Spectra 1100 were very simple - not much more than a screw with a sharpened point. FYI - the threaded receptacles on the bottom of the speaker are 1/4-20 size.

Those feet (or any spiked feet, for that matter) are most effective at leveling the speaker if the floor is uneven, and/or for stabilizing the speaker on deep pile carpeting, by piercing through the carpet and resting on the solid floor below.

You will find endless debates about the sonic merits of spiked feet. For example, some manufacturers claim the feet couple the speaker to the floor. Others claim the feet de-couple the speaker from the floor. You will even find some craftily worded ads that claim to do both!

The perceived sonic effects of spiked feet, if any, will probably depend greatly on your room acoustics, and the construction of the floor. My personal view is that spiked feet, resting on a relatively unmovable surface such as concrete, might tend to reduce vibrations in the speaker\'s cabinet, which is a good thing. On the other hand, spikes resting on an springy wood floor may actually cause the floor to vibrate along with the speaker, making matters worse.

Finally, there is the spousal acceptance factor, which may give you hell for making dents and scratches on that nice new hardwood floor. Good Luck!

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