Spectra 6600, Stacked Spectra 3s

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David Whittaker 2009-04-22 03:21

I was thinking of taking the panels from two sets of Spectra 3s and either stacking them vertically or horizontally making one new set of speakers. I would keep two interfaces per channel and run both full range. A new frame for the panels and boxes for the interfaces would need to be built. I would take care to keep the high frequency portion of the panels together either as a tall line source or in the centre if arranged horizontally. Any thoughts? Thanks.


Andy Szabo2009-04-22 21:04

I\'d recommend the vertical arrangement, if you have the required ceiling height.

The fundamental difference between the 2/3-panel Spectras and the 4/6-panel Spectras is the audio transformer. Although similar, the 4/6 transformer is designed to drive a larger panel area, and hence has less bass boost.

Ideally, you should use the 4/6 transformer, p/n TTA-246. These might still be available on the surplus market. If you use the 2/3 transformer, you\'ll want to use the minimum bass tap, and you might still have a little too much bass.

You can use two interfaces per speaker, but this arrangement would require a separate amplfier channel per interface (four total for the stereo pair). You don\'t want to parallel the two interfaces on one amplifier channel due to the difficult load.

I don\'t see any reason why you can\'t drive all the panels of one speaker with one interface. This would reduce the number of required amplifier channels, and greatly simplify any modifications to the interface enclosure. In essence, you would parallel the top panels\' connections with those of the bottom panels, connected to one interface. This is the way it is done in Acoustat\'s Spectra 44/4400 and 66/6600.

If you don\'t have the ceiling height required for a vertical stack, I would suggest at most 2 panels added to the outer edge of each speaker, driven at low frequencies only.

Sounds like a fun project. Do write again if you have further questions.

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