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Nick Gale2007-02-17 18:22

Anyone know what a good crossover frequency would be to suit the Shackman ESL drivers? I have a pair that I would like to build an active speaker setup with. Knowing the x-over freq will be a help in chosing the best bass units to complement them and to avoid driving these old units too hard. Unsurprisingly there is little info on the web on these lovely speakers which I heard in my youth and have long wanted to be able to afford ;-) tia... Nick


Steve Phillips2007-04-26 20:27

Hi Nick, the crossover frequency was 1k with a first order slope mainly to protect the transformer. He used 4.7micro farad capacitor with a 33ohm 2w resistor. Best Regards Steve

Bill Baird2007-11-13 17:00

Crossover was around the 500HZ mark - keep it as far out of the normal range where we live or it will be noticable on crossing over to the non electrostatic driver.

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