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Brian Wallen2005-06-24 23:49

My contributed article, now under General Information | History | The Early Days, may have been the start of the confusion about Philco and Pickering. I have gone back through the old books and my collection of ripped out pages and find no reference to Philco. The image under the Philco heading in that article is clearly a Pickering Isophase which, on an undated (but probably circa-1960) page from Modern HiFi, describes it as \"an electrostatic speaker for mid-range and highs. It is made for use with a woofer of comparable quality. Unit sells for $210.\" I am not sure of the source of the error; perhaps it was in my original copy that I sent the ESL Circuit (the original name for this site) or perhaps it has crept in during content editing for one of the site redesigns. Unless the Webmaster has some other source for the Philco reference, perhaps this entry should be removed or at least ended. The Philco reference in The Early Days should certainly be corrected.


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