H-1714, info needed

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Leigh Smout2004-02-25 23:58

I am hopeful that you can help me determine the origin of some unusual speakers I bought on EBay. I have attached a couple of pictures.

They are fairly small, about 18” wide by slightly less in height. They have an electrostatic panel on the top which swivels over a small bass unit which contains a 2” X 10” speaker with two transformers(? - I think?) mounted on the back of the 2X10. The speakers are a brown plastic (Bakelite look-a-like) and have brass coloured front panels. There is a ”P” logo on the front and when I bought them, the guy called them Pickering loudspeakers. I am skeptical of this name.

The 2X10 and the electrostatic panel have Philco stamped on them and the panel also has: 36-16-74-1 Philco - Made in USA 260. They have a 5 pin input cable, two of which carry audio signal. I have tested these two and the 2X10\'s play. One of the pins is longer and I presume it is either a ground, or a place holder to make sure they were plugged in the right way.

The last two pins are what interest me and offer a dilemma. What I don\'t know is how much power to give the panel? How can I find this out? The speakers are on display in the best known classic audio store in Toronto (because they look cool), but neither they, nor their service department, nor any of their customers yet have been able to offer any insight. If you or any of your network could help, I be more than grateful!

If anyone can offer any constructive information, even just in terms of some safe voltages to run into the panels as a test, I\'d be very grateful. Some of you builders might have some general knowledge that could be applied?


Ali Elam2004-02-25 23:59

I just bought one of the consoles shown in the pictures. The unit is in great shape except that all the tubes were missing. I just ordered a set of tubes. As soon as I make the set work I will be able to answer questions like what the biasing voltage is, what they sound like, etc. In answer to one of the questions: the unit does not have an on/off switch because the companion preamp is where the controls are. Ali Elam, NYC

Kurt Bailey2006-11-15 23:25

I have heard of these speakers and think they need standard 110 volt ac voltage in USA models. I can only guess as to other international models.I am bidding on a pair of these , since I saw them introduced back in the 70\'s, and am trying to find the exact wiring for the jacks.

Jay Neill2006-12-02 01:59

Anyone desiring more info about these Philco speakers is encouraged to contact me. Not only do I have one of the original Philco high end consoles that these went with that I restored and use every day, I have all of the servicing info for them in the Philco year books and can provide copies to anyone needing them. If anyone has an extra set they\'d be willing to part with I\'d be interested in buying them also. Regards, Jason

Guy Focker2007-06-13 21:50

Dudes. I have this console and these electrostats. They are way cool and you should be STOKED dude.

Rob Stone2008-02-05 03:33

I have a working Phonorama IV w/o turntable I\'d pe interested in taking an offer on. The cabinet is not good but the amp and speakers are serviceable and nice. Blonde cabinet

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