CLS-2, panel problem

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Mike Parrish2004-02-25 22:34

Hello, I recently purchased a pair CLS II\'s.

Also, the CLS IIa\'s are very dull and have a serious high frequency roll-off. I understand there is probably a problem with the panels on these speakers. Is there an inexpensive fix for this? Does anyone make a less expensive replacement panel for the CLS II\'s than Martin Logan. They want over $900 with shipping!!

I thought perhaps I could try re-coating the CLS IIa\'s myself. Depending on how successful this is, I might try an after market power supply to mimic ML\'s upgrade. I have no experience with ESL repairs.

Any ideas? I need your help because I\'m NOT a wealthy man. I purchased these in good faith. Please help!! Very Sincerely, Mike Parrish


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