Ascent, driving problems

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E. M. Swiderski2004-02-25 16:28

I have recently installed ML Ascents into a system that comprises the Veritas P400 ”digital” power amplifier (400 watts in 4 ohms) and the DNM 3C Twin preamplifier. The Veritas failed after four days, in fact, part of the circuitry burned out (resistors and capacitors). The difficulty appears to lie in matching the low impedance of the Martin Logans with the behavior of a digital amp that is set to work best somewhere between 5 - 10 ohms.

Although I shall have the amplifier repaired - with parts from the manufacturer that will amount to an upgrade - I remain uncertain about the wisdom and feasibility of driving the Logans with socalled \'digital\' amplification.

A considered and competent opinion in this matter would be much appreciated. E. M. Swiderski


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