1, Koss Model One 4-way Electrostatic Speak

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Lawrence Blonquist2008-08-09 09:02

I am afraid that I have blown out one of my speakers by playing it at a high volume. When I play music through the speakers one produces static. Can any one diagnose the problem and suggest how to fix it?


Piperart2009-01-27 22:50

first check and see if its the amp...static on one side might be a fuss in the amp....if it is speaker trouble. check the crossover....see if it lost the magic smoke..you can smell if the caps are toasted...if that isn\'t the problem, isolate each driver and test.

Piperart2009-01-27 22:54

if the speaker is electrostatic ..some use hexifloride gas so it doesn\'t arc. check for holes in the membrane.

Andy Stiffler2012-09-15 21:40

i have a pair of these speakers , lost the manual, Q... do i need a sepret power source to run these speakers????

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