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Robert Riedel2006-08-16 14:13

I recently got the chance to buy a pair of Koss Model Two speakers. I did search on the web but could not find any documentation / manuals / etc. in regards to the speakers. Does anyone know where I can obtain information about the Model Two ? Thanks in advance. Robert


Forrest2008-09-26 00:55

I don\'t know if you bought the model 2\'s or not or if you need any documentaion. I have some documentaion that I received with the pair I purchased. It consists of one 8 1/2 X 11 page printed on both sides and a color brochure that has 4 sides. I could scan these and email to you if you still need them. Regards, Forrest

Dan Hepner2010-05-09 16:52

can i get some info and copies of brochures,manuals?

David2011-06-10 02:22

I have a pair of the Model 2's. Some people have domes for tweeters but mine have a large ribbon panel, while, of course, the mid and bass panels are ESL.
They sound amazing even after 30 years use.

Dale2011-12-12 18:39

A friend gave me a pair of model two koss speakers I had them for 5 years not knowing what bad ass speakers I really have I need to what I need to power them upp correctly.

Dan Hepner2011-12-12 21:42

you need a 120 ac volt to 12 volt ac step down transformer with a somewhat high current capacity[maybe you could ohm it and use ohms law] a proper plug for the input.i would take the back off to determine ac polarity/i have not got in to trying my pair.how do they sound?anyone know of a copy of owners manual or magazine reviews?

David2011-12-12 23:59

Don't mix that up -- it is 12 volts AC (not easy to find.) Most wallwarts are 12 volt DC -- they will hurt your speakers!

My original ones are rated for 3 amps, and the speakers come from the factory with 3 amp slow blow fuses. They are kinda hard to find, too, but that is what you need for them. DO NOT use higher than 3 amp fuses. Very expensive shipping if you do!

David2011-12-13 00:19

Also, btw, there is no concern for polarity in an AC circuit. Or do I remember something incorrectly?

Robert2011-12-13 09:05

Hi Forrest,

I am still interested in the docs - could you scan them and please send to luzian2go(a)yahoo(dot)com.

Thanks a lot

David2011-12-13 15:36

I'd be interested in documentation as well, please. I didn't recieve any with mine in 1977.

Dan Hepner2011-12-13 20:53

to dave,about ac polarity.a sound man had an amp rack plugged into a wall receptacle and his board and effects rack plugged into another receptacle that was wired out of phase[black and white wires reversed] and he blew the amps up upon turn on so continuity of the neutral wire[tip,ring and sleeve as well as the ac power plug should be maintained[just in case!!!!!!]send info to danielhepner@msn.com

David2011-12-13 23:56

Ah yes. I was thinking of the two-wire setup that is used with the wallwarts for these speakers. When there are three lines (ground, neutral, and hot,) then yes of course polarity is critical. However, when there are only two, not so much.

Carlos Maxie2012-02-13 04:42

I have had a pair of Koss mod. 2 since new (Mid 70's) Still have the original power supplies that came with them. Just average looking black plastic wall transformers about 2"X2". The front shows an image of a pair of head-phones. Under the postage stamp image is the word "KOSS". They have two prongs. No ground prong. The inscription on the prong side is XFMR Class 2 Koss Corporation. Made in U.S.A. 3/77 (Date?) 120 V. 60 Hz. 8-W Cat. No. 30C0020. 12 VAC 6 VA 500 MA 580 B Load UL Listed. Here's the kicker. I can't tell the difference if they are plugged in or not. Could be because I have high pitch hearing loss?

David2012-02-13 16:15

Carlos, without them plugged in, you get 1) very low volume overall, 2) loss of bass primarily and not mids or upper, and 3) very 'tinny' sound. It is unmistakable between plugged in and not plugged in. If you've ever had the backs of the speakers off, it is easy for the power leads to get broken and/or simply pulled off. I suggest using an ohmmeter to check continuity (while unplugged, of course.) I'd start with one lead on each leg of the wallwart through to it's corresponding internal connection. Check your 3 am slo-blow fuses as well; if they're blown, it's the same as if they're unplugged.

David2012-02-13 16:16

That is, 3 AMP slo-blow fuses (one per speaker.)

Dale 2012-03-01 05:10

I have a pair of model two koss speakers for sale let me know.

David2012-03-02 00:36

It would be nice, Dale, if you told us about where the speakers are and how much you're asking. You know, just the very basic stuff.

Carlos Maxie2012-03-02 01:20

I also have a pair of Mod. 2's that I should sell. Didn't think about selling them until I ran across this forum. I've never tried to sell them because I don't have a clue what price to ask??? They are probably the nicest pair in existance. They have been stored in a closet wrapped in plastic for about 30 years. Almost since new, in a temperature controlled non smoking environment. They are flawless. even the cloth is 100% like new. Original power supplies. I still have the original ply/wood that bolts to the bottoms for shipping. I also have an original color brochure in new condition. They live in Albuquerque NM. IF ANYONE KNOWS WHAT I SHOULD ASK FOR THEM, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. Carlos

David2012-03-02 03:47

I would guess a hundred or so. Shipping will be an enormous cost.

Dan Hepner2012-03-02 20:38

i will sell mine 4 $50

David2012-03-03 00:28

I'm in north Alabama and wouldn't mind having another pair. that would set me up with timbre matched surrounds. :)
Where are you, Dan?

Dan Hepner2012-03-03 15:03

aberdeen md 21001 10 min. from i-95 i dont have the power supplies

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