One, prototype of Model One?

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Mark Voigt2004-02-24 02:45

I have what I believe to be the Kloss prototype for the Model One. It is similar to the model one but shorter. The electrostatic panels are built into the speaker. There is only one woofer. The speaker cabinet is most definitely KLH and there is a date code one the inside. Would like to know if you know when the Model One was introduced. I can send pictures if your are interested in seeing this. It was purchased in Cambridge Mass. Thanks. Mark.


Bill Boyd2004-02-24 02:45

Mark - this does look like it may have been an early prototype for the model 12 which was actually produced with the same dynamic midrange and tweeter as the bookshelf model 5. The woofer on the 12 had an enormous magnet though. I wonder if yours has that as well or if it is the smaller one of the 5 and 6 models. Also, curious for a real closeup of the ESL units, they look unlike any i\'ve seen from Janszen or RTR. Does this thing work? regards, Bill

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